The On-Campus Language Proficiency Exams are offered three times a year – before pre-registration each semester and before the end of add/drop in January.

You may only take the exam once during any given testing period, and no more than twice in your Trinity career.

This page is updated periodically.  If the next round of testing is not yet posted, check this page as advising weeks approaches for more information on the next time the Language Proficiency Exams will be offered.

If you plan to continue studying a language you began learning in high school, you must take the language proficiency exam before enrolling in that language at Trinity. The exam will help you and the faculty determine the appropriate level of study for you in the coming semester, and which course(s) you will need in order to complete the requirement. You must fulfill the Second Language Requirement in order to graduate.

The only students who do not need to take a language proficiency exam at Trinity are those

  • who scored 600 or above on an SAT II foreign language exam; a 4 or 5 on an AP foreign language exam; or a 5, 6, or 7 on the IB foreign language exam;
  • whose native language is not English;
  • who are planning to study a language in which they have never taken a course before college, and so are enrolling in the 101-level course.
  • who are already enrolled in a language course(s) that will fulfill their language requirement.
  • who have an approved language substitution accommodation

For further details on fulfilling the requirement, please visit:

Please contact Wendi Delaney with any questions: