Starting in the summer of 2023 the language placement exams will be mandatory for all incoming students who had studied a second language in high school.

The Language Exams will be available on-line during the following days:

Thursday, April 4, 2024 between 10am-5pm (Advising Week)
Deadline to register for this day is 9:00am Thursday, April 4th

Wednesday, April 10, 2024 between 10am-5pm. (Advanced Registration Week)
Deadline to register for this day is 9:00am Wednesday, April 10th.

Registration is to take the exam required.

Once you have completed the registration form you will receive the test instructions a day or two prior to the day you registered to take the exam.

If you have already taken either the placement exam or the proficiency exam at Trinity then you do not need to take it again.


Who has to take the exam?

  • Any student who studied a second language in high school, must take the exam for that language
  • If you studied more than one language then you will need to take the exam for each language you studied

What are the exams used for?

  • Proper placement – The language exam will place you in to the correct level course if you choose to continue to study that language
  • Fulfilling the Second Language Requirement – If you are placed in to level of 202 or higher your will have fulfilled the requirement

You will have fulfilled your language requirement if:

  • you placed into a level of 202 or higher on the Trinity College’s Language Placement Exam (the department of Language & Culture Studies encourages you to continue to study that language or start a new one)
  • Are an international student whose primary language is not English;
  • Completed a minimum of one year of study at a secondary school at which the language of instruction was a language other than English, as certified by an official transcript from the school (usually submitted as part of the student’s application for admission to Trinity);
  • Provide the Registrar’s Office with official certification that you have attained the indicated score for:
    • A foreign language on any of the following standardized tests:
      • SAT II (600 or above)
      • Advanced Placement (4 or 5)
      • International Baccalaureate Higher Level Examination (5, 6, or 7)
      • United Kingdom “A” Level General Certificate Examination (grade of A, B, or C)
    • Any subject on the French Baccalaureate (12-20), German Abitur (7-15), or Swiss Matura (5 or 6)
  • Are a transfer or IDP student who has taken the appropriate college-level courses in a language other than English as an undergraduate student at another institution. The Registrar’s Office will review the course(s) and grade(s) on your official transcript and determine if you have fulfilled the second language requirement in consultation with the chairperson of the Department of Language and Culture Studies.

For further details on fulfilling the requirement, please visit:

Please contact Wendi Delaney with any questions: [email protected]

Starting in 2022, placement exams will take place only in the summer, prior to a student’s first year.  If you are an incoming new student please click here to get to your starting out page for links and deadlines to take the Language Placement Exam.

Language Proficiency Examinations are being phased out and will be offered only to students in the graduating classes of  2024 & 2025, if they have not already taken a proficiency exam.