Thank you for tuning in to the TRINsitioning to Trinity webinar! As promised, here is a list of questions and answers that our panelists were unable to address during our session. If you were unable to join the webinar, please watch the recording below to learn more about getting started at Trinity.

When will I receive next steps instructions to prepare for my Trinity experience?

A comprehensive guide of information titled “Starting Out” will be sent to all enrolled students at the start of the summer. Students will be able to access this information in their Trinity portal and on our website here.

Is there a list of dates for all events and deadlines throughout the summer?

Students are encouraged to refer to checklist of tasks to complete that will be shared in the student portal, but also on our website.

What pre-orientation programs are available? Can a student attend more than one pre-orientation program?

We strongly encourage students to participate in pre-orientation programs for a smooth transition to Trinity. You’ll find descriptions of each program, a Q&A section, and calendar on our website here.

What support does Trinity offer to first-generation students?

In addition to the First-Generation Pre-Orientation program, the Office of Student Success takes a personalized approach to ensure that students receive the tools and opportunities to produce their unique desired outcomes.

What is the Bantam Network and how are students placed into Nests?

The Bantam Network is a supportive first-year residential experience that was designed by students, for students. Learn more about this living and learning community on our website.

What housing options are available to first-year students?

Nearly 90% of Trinity students live on our beautiful campus. Learn more about housing options with the First-Year Residential Guide.

How do I learn about clubs at Trinity?

Find a list of all registered clubs and organizations on our website through Bantam Link.

If I do not sign up for a Gateway program, will I still need to participate in a First-Year Seminar?

Yes, all students are required to complete a First-Year Seminar or a Gateway program. Students who do not enroll in a Gateway program will choose a First-Year Seminar after receiving the Starting Out information.

Will there be flexibility with the May 1 enrollment deadline?

Yes, the Admissions Office will remain flexible with the enrollment deadline. We recognize that the pandemic will affect students and families in a variety of ways, and we want to ensure that students have the time and information to feel comfortable about their college decision.

If I need learning accommodations, how do I receive them?

Trinity College strives to ensure that students with disabilities will have the same opportunities to thrive academically and personally in their college experience. Learn about how to request accommodations through the Student Accessibility Resource Center.

How do I know if I received a merit-based scholarship?

Students are notified of merit-based scholarship awards in their acceptance letters. Financial aid awards were sent to admitted students by mail in late March shortly after acceptance letters we released. If you have questions about your financial aid award, please contact our Financial Aid Office at or 860-297-2046.