Thank you for tuning in to the webinar! Here is a list of frequently asked questions and answers regarding study away opportunities at Trinity. If you were unable to join the webinar, please watch the recording below to learn more about the support students receive from the Office of Study Away.

What percentage of students study away?

About 65% percent of our students will study away at least once during their time at Trinity.

Are the study away programs associated or tied to a specific major?

Students of all majors can—and do—study away at each of our sites! The academic coursework offered at each site varies, but that is not a barrier for students.

Are there J-Term programs?

Yes! Jump to 26:39 in the recording above to learn more about J-Term programs, or visit this website!

What opportunities are there to interact with students and people from the host country?

Jump to 34:18 to hear a current student speak about his experience interacting with the culture of his host countries.

Is studying away affordable? How does the college support students that study away?

Jump to 25:10 to hear more about Trinity’s generous support of students studying away.

Does your office help students find additional scholarships to support their time away?

Yes! In addition to providing a generous home-school tuition policy, our Office of Study Away manages a database of third-party scholarships that students can apply to. More information about that resource can be found here.

Are certain years better to study abroad than others?

The support of our advisors makes it possible for our students to study away at various times in their Trinity career. It is most common for students to study away during their junior year.

What is the longest time someone can study away?

Students can study away for up to three whole semesters. It’s common for students to spend an entire year abroad.

Is it possible to have multiple study away experiences and still remain on track academically?

Yes! Jump to 21:54 to hear a student speak about his multiple study away experiences and fulfilling his academic requirements.

Is it common for international students to study away?


Are there study away programs that provide coursework for specific majors?

The best resource for learning about the academic resources at each of our sites is the study away website. Here you will find information for all of our sites.