Thank you for tuning in to the webinar! Here is a list of frequently asked questions and answers regarding athletics at Trinity. If you were unable to join the webinar, please watch the recording below to hear from Athletic Director Drew Galbraith and current Trinity students about the student-athlete experience.

How competitive is the ski racing at trinity?

Skiing competes in UCSSA.  For more information, please reach out to our Director of Recreation Kevin Johnson at

Are athletes from a particular season paired as a roommate with another athlete from the same season?

First-year students are able to request roommates, but we are not always able to accomodate requests. First-year students are paired with other students who are also participating in the same First-Year Seminar or Gateway Program.

Are there mandatory study halls for athletes throughout the season?

The Athletics Department does not mandate study halls.  However, some teams do conduct mandatory and optional study halls. Each program may have a different policy.  Please contact the coach of your respective sport to discover that policy for that program.

When do spring sports begin?

Spring sports in the New England Small College Athletics Conference begin official practice on February 15.

Do all teams lift together?

While every attempt is made to allow teams to lift together, strength and conditioning schedules may vary within a team due to class schedules.

What about moving in for fall athletes? Is it different than other first-year students?

Early returning fall teams (Cross Country, Field Hockey, Football, Soccer, Volleyball) do move in 4-5 days before the rest of the first-year class in order to begin participation with their teams.

Do track & field athletes train in the fall? And if so do they move in to campus early like fall athletes, or do they move in at the normal time?

Track & Field athletes (those not participating in Cross Country) may train on their own in the fall.  However, they do not move in early with the early returning fall teams.

In terms of fall sports, does scheduling with the pre-season training interfere with Pre-Orientation programs?

Most, but not all, Pre-Orientation programs are scheduled when early returning fall sports begin practicing.  Please contact the head coach of the respective sport to get more information about potential conflicts and/or policies.

Are there many student athletes that play two sports?

The NESCAC schedule allows for participating in more than one sport season.  We do have multiple student athletes participating in more than one sport and are very successful in both.

Do winter and spring sport athletes receive strength and conditioning programs over the summer as well?

Yes, athletes for all sports receive voluntary strength & conditioning programs out-of-season.

So if you do three seasons, do you have to study abroad over the summer?

Summer is a great time for students to experience a study abroad opportunity. You can find more information about summer study away experiences here.

How organized are club sports?

Club sports are organized by students and based on the level of interest in the sport.  For additional information on club sports, please go to