Thank you for tuning in to the webinar! Here is a list of frequently asked questions and answers regarding performing arts opportunities at Trinity. If you were unable to join the webinar, please watch the recording below to learn more from students and faculty on how to get involved in the arts on campus.

What are the musical theater opportunities on campus?

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I have never taken a dance class but would love to have that experience. Are there classes at Trinity that I would be able to take?

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Can you please talk about the post graduate success, experience, and process in relation to theater?

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Are there poetry/creative writing groups?

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What are other choral groups exist on campus?

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What is the typical trajectory of the classes/journey for a theater major?

Please refer to the major requirements section on the Theater and Dance website. The trajectory depends on the student’s main interest and the concentration(s) within the major they choose. You will work with closely with your major advisor to plan your journey.

Do you receive academic credit for the La MaMa semester?

Yes, you receive a full semester worth of college credit, which at Trinity is 5 credits. If you are a theater/dance major, you can count 3 of these credits towards your major requirements.

Are there any international study away programs for theater?

There are no Trinity College run theater programs that are international, but we do have approved international programs from other providers. Students have studied theater in, for example, London, England and Tuscany, Italy.

Are there opportunities to perform on campus, like open mics or club performances?

Several clubs/organizations put together open mics of their own volition. There are often open mics hosted at the FRED, the Underground Coffee House, Vernon Social, and at The Mill. Besides open mics, there are also opportunities to perform with the Moveable Joints Improv Group, a capella groups, Senior Theater & Dance theses, and in small performances integrated into events throughout the year.