Choosing a First-Year Seminar

You are required to enroll in a first-year seminar unless you are participating in a Gateway Program such as the Cities Program, the Community Action Gateway, the Humanities Gateway Program: European Cultures, the InterArts Program, the Interdisciplinary Science Program, or the Global Health Humanities Gateway.

You should read through all the first-year seminar course descriptions and then choose your top five seminars to submit on your course selection form. Your preferences will be considered in the order you have listed them. We will make every effort to place you in one of your top-ranked seminars, but it will not always be possible given various enrollment factors, including limited seats available for each seminar. Although we will not be able to accommodate every first choice, we will treat each alternate in the order you have placed it on the form and will work to enroll you in the highest preference possible. You will not be able to change your first-year seminar.

If you do not submit your course selection form by the June 30 deadline, your choices will be limited to seminars that have space available.  

Also note: seminar course numbers do not indicate sequence or degree of difficulty. The seminars numbered in the 100 range are the same level of difficulty as those numbered in the 200 range.​​​