Because of COVID-19, Voting-by-Mail is available to all Trinity students, whether voting from home (absentee ballot) or in Connecticut (no-excuse mail-in ballot) since students are considered residents while enrolled.

If you would like to vote in your home state but are unable to be there on election day, you can vote by absentee ballot. To do this, you must request an absentee ballot before the election. Follow the steps below for more information about how to vote by mail.

Note: Students who are studying abroad should go to our Guide for Study Abroad Students as voting absentee overseas is a slightly different process.


Before you can request a mail-in ballot, make sure you are registered to vote. Check out Register for more information.

Voting by Mail (Absentee or Mail-In) ballot request forms

Once you are registered to vote, you may request an absentee ballot. It is best to do this as early as possible in order to make sure your ballot arrives in time for you to fill it out and send it back before election day. Also, some states have Absentee Ballot Application Deadlines, so be sure to check the requirements for your state.

Get your absentee ballot.

Get your CT mail-in ballot.

Submitting your Vote by Mail ballot

Once you have received your absentee or mail-in ballot, it’s time to vote! Read the instructions very carefully.  Failure to follow the instructions can result in your ballot being rejected.

Fill out the form as directed and send it back as soon as possible (Postal Service delays may void your vote) or before the Voted Absentee Ballot Deadline (often Election Day). Again, do this early to avoid missing the deadline. Depending on your state, you may be able to submit your absentee ballot electronically and all states should accept mailed submissions.

If you live in CT and plan to vote in Hartford or your home town, mail-in ballots can be dropped off at town halls in every town in the state.