Upcoming Events 

Date Title Time Location
11/4/20 The Queer Resource Center presents: Haus of Wreckoning.  Join us as we invite guest speaker, D-L Stewart, to discuss what it means to be in community together as members of multiple communities across intersections of oppression. 7pm

Zoom ID:  437 240 0949



10/28/20 Red State/Blue State:  A conversation to help those living in more Democratic Blue states to understand the political situation on the ground in more Republican Red states. Trinity’s Kevin McMahon (Political Science) will moderate the discussion with Pearson Cross (University of Louisiana, Lafayette) and Randall Adkins (University of Nebraska, Omaha). Professor Cross is an expert on Louisiana politics. Professor Adkins is the editor of several books on congressional elections and an expert on perhaps the important congressional district for the 2020 presidential race (Nebraska-2). 5-6pm

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10/27/20 Final Call For Registering:  Make a difference by calling to ensure voter registration before the CT midnight deadline.  Participants will be chosen randomly to win a  gift card.  Times Available From 6pm- Midnight





Learn how politicians and activities are navigating this election season, and how they are influencing the communities around them.  Featuring Leah Juliett, Ellen Zoppo Sassu, Jacquetta Van Zandtz, Kate Farrar


Zoom ID:  927 0853 1396



10/22/20 Pandemics, Polarization, and Presidential Politics: Co-sponsored with TIIS. This panel, with Rachel Moskowitz (Public Policy and Law) and Kevin McMahon (Political Science) will explore various aspects of this year’s presidential race, including questions such as: Will factors that have mattered most in the past apply to the race this year? How closely should we pay attention to public opinion polls? Will President’s Trump handling of the Covid-19 crisis ultimately determine the victor in this race? Will the Supreme Court issue and the pending Senate confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett change the conversation of the campaign? What strategies are the two candidates employing and how might they make a difference when all the votes are counted? 1:10-2pm

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10/21/20 Suppressed 2020: The Fight To Vote” with Professor Stefanie Chambers 7:15-8:45pm

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10/19/20 Why Cities Lose: A conversation with Garth Myers (Urban Studies) and Sean Fitzpatrick (Public Policy Grad/Urban Studies) conducted by Abby Williamson (Political Science/Public Policy and Law) about how political structures in the United States disadvantage its urban centers.



Zoom Session



10/15/20 SAIL VOTING Trivia Night:  All things Voting Trivia Thursday.  Outwit your competitors with your knowledge about voting and civic engagement 8pm

Zoom Session



10/14/20 Debating Immigration Forum, Hosted by Connecticut Humanities, to be presented via livestream on Wednesday, October 14, 2020. Our distinguished panel features General John Kelly, former U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Immigration Advocate Jose Antonio Vargas, and moderator Evan Osnos.

If you are interested in attending the livestream presentation of the Debating Immigration Forum on October 14, 2020, please click here to pre-register for the event.

All pre-registered guests will receive additional information and the event access link from The Connecticut Forum on October 14, 2020.



Live Stream – Pre-register here.

 National Voter Education Week Events – October 5 – 9, 2020


10/9/20 Make your own “Why I Am Voting” videos.  These 15 second videos are a great way to spread the word about voter registration on social media. We will be compiling the videos that everyone makes into one big video to show Trinity students why voting is so important 12-1:00pm




10/8/20 The Chemistry of Renewable Energy:  Q&A and presentation by Professor Bazillio and TrinVotes

Zoom ID:  930 0904 7391



10/8/20 Good friends make sure that their friends are able to vote in the upcoming election. Friends are also so much more likely to register to vote when one of their friends asks them to register. So come and join TrinVotes as we make sure our friends are ready to vote! 6-8pm RSVP Form
10/7/20 Voter Registration Phone Bank – ConnPIRG 5:15-6:15pm




10/7/20 Weekly New Voters Project meeting 6:00-7:00pm



Trinity National Voter Registration Day Rally with Secretary of State Denise Merrill

7-7:15 Guest speaker:Secretary of State Merrill

7:15- 7:40 Kahoot Voting Trivia

7:40- 9 A Call to Action- virtually registering friends and family or getting pledges to vote.



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“Remember to Register” social media event

In this age of social distancing and virtual communication, social media is a key player in keeping us all connected. To help spread the world about National Voter Registration Day (#NVRD), we want to make sure every Trinity student knows how to register to vote! Join CONNPIRG Students as we post on social media to get our friends to register to vote, and send the posts to other organizations as well!



Contact madeleine.white@trincoll.edu for more information.



National Voter Registration Day:  Vote Coalition Launch Effort to Educate and Turn-out Students to Vote

CONNPIRG Students launch their effort to help students across CT register and vote safely in a COVID-19 election in coordination with campus administrators, faculty, and civic engagement staff, and the CT Secretary of State. 




RSVP here and we’ll invite you to the calendar event

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ID: 98165615536

Password: 020631




“Why I’m Voting” video creation event:

In preparation for National Voter Registration Day on Tuesday Sep 22nd, come to create your own 15-30 second video that you can share on your own social media platforms to encourage your friends to get registered to vote and get PUMPED about casting their ballot on Election Day. We’ll go over some key “movie making” tips to guarantee successful likes and follows, and provide some sample scripts, videos, and posting language that will help you mobilize your friends and family to participate in the 2020 election. This is a completely virtual volunteer event, and we prioritize being non-partisan in order to maximize involvement in democracy – regardless of background, ideology, or party affiliation.

3pm-5pm Contact Samantha@masspirgstudents.org for more information