All computer science and interdisciplinary computing majors are required to complete a year-long project during their senior year. This capstone project provides students an opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of various subjects in computing and their ability to solve real-world problems in a creative way.  In addition, many of our students enjoy unique opportunities to work with faculty during the school year or the summer on research or creative projects.  The research projects are funded either by external agencies such as National Science Foundation, or internal grants provided by the college.  In the past several years, our students have co-authored papers based on their research findings and presented them at various professional conferences.​​​​​​​​

Senior Projects – Class of 2019
Click here to view abstracts of 2019 projects listed below.

Early Notes
Elijah Hernandez, click here to view poster

E-ventory – Online Inventory System for Technology in Public Schools
Selina Ortiz, click here to view poster

P.A.T (The Portable Artistic Tutor)
Clear Tavarez, click here to view poster

Jin Pyo Jeon, click here to view poster

Bioinformatics: An Application
Chris LoBianco, click here to view poster

Quantitative Finance Platform
Samuel Oyebefun, click here to view poster

Ha Tran, click here to view poster

Plectr – On Demand Tutoring
Drew Lewis, click here to view poster

MSA (Menu Sorting App)
Watson Peng, click here to view poster

Compression Using Massively Parallel Processing
James Rodiger, click here to view poster

Plan-t a Pomodoro
Binh Vo, click here to view poster

Witam – Connecting ESL Learners and Senior Citizens
Brian Cieplicki, click here to view poster
Winner of the 2019​ Travelers Companies Foundation Senior Research Prize​​​

Robin Food
Simran Sheth, click here to view poster

Trinity College Campus Navigation App
Tess Starr, click here to view poster

Tristy (Trinity + Tasty)
Joyce Zhan, click here​ to view poster​

Senior Projects – Class of 2018
Click here to view abstracts of 2018 projects listed below.​

Personalized Fitness Program Builder ​​
Weixi Zhang, click here to view poster

Dimensionality Reduction Techniques and Their Use in Data Visualization
Ilya Ilyankou, click here to view poster

TrinEvents:  A platform that consolidates all aspects of event management at Trinity College
Alodie Iradukunda, click here to view poster

Improving Name Recognition Tool in Japanese
Anh Nguyen, click here to view poster

Economics the Interactive Experience
Francis Maugeri, click here to view poster

An Application of Artificial Neural Networks to Continuous Authentication
Karishma Asthana, click here to view poster

Raether Map
Norah Do, click here to view poster

Accelerating Block-Tridiagonal Matrix Inversion on the GPUs
Bemnet Demere, click here to view poster

Kalyan Parajuli, click here to view poster

K.E.A Trainer
Isabella Dahilig, click here to view poster

Rate My Resident
Alex Johnson, click here to view poster
Winner of the 2018​ Travelers Companies Foundation Senior Research Prize​​

A Deep Learning Powered Chatbot
Shufan Wang, click here to view poster

Trauma Registry Data Analysis
Ebenezer Hormenou, click here to view poster

Game of Pong AI
Yinghuan Wang, click here to view poster

Using Machine Learning to Study YouTube Comedy Slam Experiment Data
Anastasija Mensikova, click here to view poster​

Senior Projects – Class of 2017
Click here to view abstracts of 2017 projects listed below.

LOCAL-E: Connecting You Back to Your Community
Pranav Bhandari ‘17, click here to view poster

An Analysis of Political Social Media Data Using Natural Language Processing
Rahul Chandrashekhar ‘17, click here to view poster

What’s Your Tongue Saying: Development of a Mobile App for Tongue Image Storage and a Desktop GUI to Extract a Diagnosis from an Image of a Tongue
Courtney B. Driscoll ‘17, click here to view poster

ARCHIDNI: Your Personal Guide & Assistant to Travels
Maria Dyane ‘17, click here​ to view poster

QUICKMUSIC—All-in-One Music Tool
Yaoqi Guo ‘17, click here to view poster

TRINREPORT: A Secure and User-Friendly Incident Reporting App for Trinity College’s Campus
Basileal Imana ‘17, click here to view poster

Aesthetic Feature Extraction and an Emotion Guessing Machine
Peter Jung ‘17, click here to view poster

目覚(MEZA) : An Exploration of the Modern Alarm Clock
Adam Krog ‘17, click here to view poster

Electronic Music Generation with MAGENTA
Bingqing Li ‘17, click here to view poster

Evaluation the Learnability of K-Means Clustering
Yuxuan Li ‘17, click here to view poster

J3DGE: An Educaiotnal 3D Game Engine Written in JAVA
Minghui Liu ‘17, click here to view poster

Off the Grid (OT): A Native iOS 9.3+ Application with End-to-End Encrypted Group and Private Chat
Soham Madnani ‘18, click here to view poster

Kishwor Pokharel ‘17, click here to view poster

NOTEWORTHY: A Wearable Device Approach to Perfecting Human’s Auditory Memory
Phongpol Punyagupta ‘18, click here to view poster

Literary Teaching Assistant
Harrison Quarls ‘17, click here to view poster

Measuring Improvements to GRÖBNER Basis Computation with S-POLYNOMIALS
John Wallace ‘17, click here to view poster

Dream Island: A 2D Video Game Adventure
Ian Weist ‘17, click here to view poster

USMACROTRENDS: A Geospatial Analysis of Macroeconomic Trends
Nicholas Wray ‘17, click here to view poster

Shamika Nelson ‘17, click here​ to view poster​

Stephen DeMonico ‘17, poster not available
Winner of the 2017 Travelers Companies Foundation Senior Research Prize​

ODYSSEY, A Storytelling Tool​
Jacobo Carbó ‘17, click here​ to view poster