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Fine Arts Class Finds Creative Connections with Subjects and Spaces During Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic led students enrolled in a sculpture class at Trinity College to get creative when considering the subjects and spaces for their works of art, which their professor says were full of humor, patience, and hope. “Their spirit was inspiring,” says Assistant Professor of Fine Arts Lynn Sullivan.

Trinity Community posted by Kathy Andrews

Success in Helping Students Persist, at a Time When It’s More Urgent than Ever

Trinity’s Student Success team is adept at connecting students with resources to help navigate challenges they encounter during college. With the team’s leadership, Trinity has achieved a first-year student retention rate of 90 percent, worthy of celebration in any year and even more so in the time of COVID-19.

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Fundraising Volunteers Mobilize to Rally Student Support

The college has added 86 fundraising volunteers so far this fiscal year—more than doubling the number of volunteers who joined last year, bringing the total number of fundraising volunteers to more than 300. These volunteers are instrumental in serving as vital connectors between Trinity and its alumni and parent community.