This week, Trinity College partnered with seven peer institutions on an initiative that offers a pathway for students affected by worldwide crises to apply to U.S.-based colleges and universities and access support when they arrive.

The Global Student Haven Initiative was launched in response to the war in Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. In addition to Trinity initial members of the consortium include Bowdoin College, Caltech, Dartmouth College, New York University, Pomona College, Smith College, and Williams College.

Participating institutions commit to providing financial aid for all students with demonstrated need, and access to campus services ranging from housing assistance to mental health support depending on individual needs.

“The hard, oftentimes harrowing stories of displaced populations are increasingly being told by members of our applicant pool,” said Matthew S. Hyde, dean of admissions and financial aid at Trinity. “The initative provides a framework for action and support that will benefit both displaced students and the colleges and universities that choose to create opportunity for them.”

With 86 countries represented in Trinity’s student body, the college has long prioritized the important work of crafting a global community, said Hyde.

The aim of the initiative is to help clear the path to U.S. institutions for qualified students who are displaced, are refugees or are otherwise impacted by war, natural disasters and other global crises. The initiative seeks to help students overcome barriers to carry on their education and prepare for eventual return to their home nation.

Higher education institutions across the U.S. are invited to join and commit to this effort in the months ahead.