A distinctive Center for Entrepreneurship advances, directly and indirectly, our mission of preparing bold, independent thinkers who lead transformative lives. Tackling the world’s most vexing problems requires people who are both critical thinkers and creative doers. There is no better preparation for this than an education that unapologetically combines the liberal arts with a diverse array of real-world, immersive learning experiences.

Trinity College’s Center for Entrepreneurship provides any liberal arts major, not just those interested in business or start-ups, with the confidence and know-how to turn ideas into action. This is consistent with our forward-looking Trinity Plus curriculum, which boldly combines the liberal arts with co-curricular, experiential learning in preparing students for the future.

Trinity’s liberal arts graduates already learn entrepreneurial attributes, including curiosity, flexibility, and resourcefulness, blending critical thinking with creative problem solving. The Center for Entrepreneurship takes this to a whole new level, through interdisciplinary collaboration across campus, connecting students and faculty with alumni and other world-class entrepreneurs and innovators.

The Trinity Center for Entrepreneurship increases Trinity’s visibility and allows our college community to partner more effectively with Hartford’s innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem—benefitting the city we call home and providing graduates with an incentive to stay in Connecticut.

It thrives alongside Trinity’s other academic centers and institutes, amplifying our distinctiveness as a liberal arts college in a city. Our centers are all vibrant hubs that bring together multiple constituents and advance Trinity’s mission and goals.