Quest offers several trip dates and options to accommodate students who wish to participate in more than one pre-orientation and for athletes to participate in the start of fall sports.

Come one come all. No matter your level of outdoor experience, our programs will allow you to bond with other incoming students. All trip options allow you to move into their dorm room early. All participants enrolled in a program ending on Sept. 2nd will be allowed to stay in their dorm rooms after Quest ends. This year Quest is offering three trip options. Full and partial scholarships are available. 

10 Day Backpacking

​​August 24 – September 2, 2020
Cost: $600

This trip is the heart and soul of Quest. This longer trip allows incoming students and their upper-class instructors more time to connect and form bonds while participating in day to day outdoor routine. This year, 10-Day participants will hike the entire length of the Connecticut Appalachian Trail, a total of 51.6 miles. Participants will become familiar with all the wilderness skills necessary to live comfortably in the woods and participate in a student led final expedition to implement the learning they receive from their instructors.

4 Day Backpacking

August 24 – 28 & August 29 – September 2, 2020
Cost: $350

Since Quest moved to the Appalachian Trail in 2008, Trinity has offered this incredible opportunity for small groups of 5-8 incoming students. Student participants can expect to hike between 4-8miles a day while connecting with their upper-class mentors. 4-Day backpackers will hike sections of the Appalachian trail in Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts.

4 Day Backpacking and Climbing

August 24 – 28 & August 29 – September 2, 2020
Cost: $350

The Combo trips are a great way to experience both backpacking and rock climbing with other incoming students. This Quest trip is a great option for incoming students who want to hike fewer miles and experience the sport of rock climbing. Incoming students will backpack for three days and climb for one. This outdoor sampler offers lower mileage days than the backpacking trips but is just as fun!