Quest offers several trips and program options to accommodate students of all abilities and experiences. All programs camp either in a wilderness site or at local campground offering backcountry and front country camping and also have options for different ability levels.

Trip Descriptions

Quest offers different trips for incoming students to choose from. Some options may include:

4 Day Quest Experience

August 30- September 3, 2023
All Quest trips are free of charge to enrolled students

No matter what outdoor experience you have, Quest has a program for you. All trips prepare incoming students for a smooth transition into a life at Trinity by forming bonds with their fellow students and fostering independence.  

4 Day Backpacking trip

This trip offers a great opportunity for incoming students to form bonds with their classmates as well as their upperclassmen leaders. Groups of 6-8 incoming students and 2 student leaders will backpack sections of the Appalachian Trail in Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts, traveling between 4-8 miles per day, making camp along the way. The 4-day experience provides just the right amount of time for incoming students to learn and implement the wilderness skills to live in the woods. The different options for ability levels allow students to choose their desired challenge. Beginner trips will have less elevation gain and loss than those who choose the advanced level trips. Students will learn about their section of trail during the first day of Quest. 

4 Day Backpacking and Rock Climbing  trip: Combo

Similar to the backpacking trips the combo trip will travel in small groups on the Appalachian trail with their peers. The combo trip is a great opportunity to experience both backpacking and outdoor rock climbing with other incoming students. The combo trip offers a full day of rock climbing and two full days of backpacking. Students will learn the basic skills of both rock climbing and backcountry travel through this combo experience. 

4 Day Basecamp trip: Day Adventures 

This front country base camping option allows students to stay in one campsite the entire trip and experience multiple types of outdoor recreational activities. From hiking to rock climbing and possibly canoeing. This trip has several options for students to connect with peers while participating in different modes of travel.

4 Day Canoe trip

Students will be in the backcountry along the river and or lake. They will not need to carry any of their equipment, as it will be stored in the canoe. Participants will paddle from camp spot to camp spot, and learn basic paddling technique. There may be a section of portaging, where the canoe will be carried along with the food and gear.

4 Day Rock Climbing trip

Students will be in the front country base camping and spending the days rock climbing outside. They will learn basic rock climbing skills and technique while camping together with the Day Adventures groups. Each day the rock climbing group will travel to a different venue to learn more about themselves and the growing sport of rock climbing.


Registration will be available in your New Student Portal in July!

Please reach out to one of the Quest Trainers with any questions about programs. We look forward to welcoming you to the Trinity community this fall.