Russian Events at Trinity College

There are no current Russian event listings at this time. Please check back for information on local performances or other events at Trinity that relate to Russian culture or the Russian program.

About Russian Holidays

The following is a listing of the current official Russian holidays that are celebrated in the Republics of the former USSR. In recent years, as the Western influence increases, the holidays below have been joined by such classic American favorites as Halloween, Saint Patrick’s Day, and Valentine’s Day. The former USSR Republics also celebrate several holidays a year that could be seen as Russian counterparts to American holidays, such as Independence Day. Often, celebrations in Russia involve feasting, drinking, and church services.

Official Russian Holidays

January 1, New Year’s Day – This is often said to be the most beloved holiday. Russians often celebrate it again on January 14; this date corresponds to New Year’s on the Julian Calendar used in Russia prior to 1918. The gift-giving and merriment Americans associate with Christmas are often seen on New Years in Russia.

January 7, Christmas – This is the Russian Orthodox Christmas.

February 23, Soldier’s Day – Formerly Soviet Army Day, this holiday honors Russian men and is the counterpart to International Women’s Day.

March 8, International Women’s Day – Women receive flowers and gifts, and are toasted by Russian men.

May 1-2, Spring and Labor Day – Coming close to Easter, this holiday is often celebrated in church. It also involves customary demonstrations.

May 9, Victory Day – This day is set aside to commemorate the victory over German Nazism in World War II. Much like in its American counterpart, Veteran’s Day, wreaths are placed on the graves of the fallen and those who fought against Nazism are venerated.

June 12, Independence Day – The adoption of The Declaration of Sovereignty of the Russian Federation in 1991 is celebrated today.

August 22, Day of the Russian Federation State Flag – This is a day to honor the Russian flag.

November 4, Day of the National Unity is the newest Russian holiday. – Largely customary, this holiday recalls the anniversary of the socialist revolution that established communism in Russia.

December 12, Constitution Day – The country’s primary legal document and the foundation on which Russian law is built receives recognition at this time