Core courses: Students choosing a Plan B major in language and culture studies may elect Japanese as either their primary or secondary language.

The Plan B major

Students who choose Japanese as the primary language are required to take seven courses, including at least one course from offerings in Japanese literature and culture (JAPN 236 or JAPN 238), and JAPN 401. Special Topics in East Asian Literatures. Two courses in a cognate field or fields are also required, as is a paper linking some aspect(s) of the two languages and the cognates; this paper must be completed in JAPN 401.

Students who choose Japanese as the secondary language are required to take five courses, including at least one course from offerings in Japanese literature and culture (JAPN 236 or JAPN 238).

Capstone/Senior Project: The Writing Intensive Part II requirement for a Japanese Plan B major is fulfilled by JAPN 401. Senior Seminar: Special Topics (in Japanese).


Study away: Students in the Japanese program are urged to spend a semester or a year studying in Japan. Trinity exchanges one to two students annually with Rikkyo University in Tokyo. IES Japan programs are also approved for credit transfer.

Honors: Departmental honors are awarded to seniors who have maintained an A- average in all courses to be counted toward their major (including cognate courses). A minimum grade of A- is furthermore required in the senior exercise (401).

The minor in Japanese

For students who wish to minor in Japanese, this is a sequence of five courses, designed to develop linguistic skills as well as a basic understanding of Japanese culture and society. In addition, the minor will include another credit to be fulfilled through either a .5 credit Language Across the Curriculum unit, one semester of teaching assistantship, or a .5 credit integrating paper, typically written in conjunction with the last course taken for the minor. The five courses should be chosen from JAPN 101, 102, 201, 202, 301, 302, 411, 412, and JAPN 236 or JAPN 238.  No more than one transfer credit may be applied to the minor.

To declare a major or minor in Japanese, contact Lecturer Katsuya Izumi. Students interested in cross-disciplinary approaches to the study of Asian cultures are referred to the Asian studies interdisciplinary minor.