Trinity’s advanced Master’s program in English offers a rich variety of courses in literature, film, and media arts, deepening students' understanding of the field and culminating in either a research thesis or a pedagogical project.

Where to Start? Entry into the degree varies depending on when you start:​

Fall Spring Summer
ENGL 800. Introduction to​ Graduate Study in English ENGL 802. Digital Rhetoric or Specialized Elective ENGL 806. Composition Pedagogy or Specialized Elective
  • Full-time students can complete the degree in two years, by enrolling in two courses over five terms (including one summer).
  • Part-time students who take one course per term can complete the degree in three to four years.

​Curriculum: The M.A. in English consists of 10 course credits. Students choose either a thesis or a pedagogical project as their capstone in the degree.
Course descriptions are available on the course schedule page​. You should consult with your academic advisor before registering for courses​.

Requirements for the M.A. in English

1 Foundational Course

  • ​​ENGL 800. Introduction to Graduate Study in English (fall)

1-2 Core Courses

  • ​For students completing a thesis or thesis capstone:
    • ENGL 801. Introduction to Literary Theory (fall)
  • For students completing a pedagogical project as their capstone:
    • ENGL 802. Digital Rhetoric (spring)
    • ENGL 806. Composition Pedagogy (summer)

2 Specialized Electives

  • 1 Course in British literature
  • 1 Course in American literature

4 General Electives

  • ​​Any four additional ENGL courses


  • ​2-credit thesis; or
  • 1-credit pedagogical project

​* The Program’s director will advise you about which courses can count as specialized electives by category.