Investing in Your Future.

Pursuing a graduate degree is a profound investment into your future, and at Trinity College, we are committed to helping you unlock the full value of this experience.  

Transparency in Investment 

Trinity College ensures clarity and transparency in tuition costs and fees. Your journey to academic excellence is supported by a committed financial aid team.  

Graduate Studies Tuition and Fees for 2023-24: Elevating Your Potential 

  • Tuition per course credit: $3300 
  • Registration fee: $65 per semester enrolling in a course 

 Additional fees that may apply:

  • Tuition for auditing a course: $925 
  • Thesis/Final project extension fee: $200 (payable each semester beyond the specified 1-2 terms required to complete a thesis or final project) 
  • Late registration fee: $100 
  • Parking permit: $110/year or $55/semester
  • Returned check fee: $40

Financing Options: 

  • Employer reimbursement: Maximize your career growth by leveraging employer tuition reimbursement.  
  • Federal financial aid: Tap into accessible aid that recognizes the value of investing in advanced education.  
  • Payment plans: Tailor your investment with flexible options to manage tuition costs. 

Applying for Federal Financial Aid:

Applying for financial aid and applying to college happen concurrently. Timing is critical, as deadlines are fast approaching. We ask that you submit our required financial assistance forms before receiving an admission decision. This will ensure that our financial aid team will have ample time to work with you each step of the way.

Your financial aid is based on the number of new credits you take each semester. When completing the Graduate Federal Loan Information Sheet, try to anticipate the total number of new credits you will take in both the fall and spring semesters.

You must be registered for at least two new credits per semester (the equivalent of half-time status—see chart below) to be eligible for federal loans.

Less than half-time ​1-1.75 credits
Half-time 2-2.75 credits
​Full-time ​3 or more credits

Once Trinity has determined your “calculated need,” we will meet your need with a combination of Federal Loan funding. The amounts and types of loans combined to meet your needs are known as your Financial Aid Package.

Important Dates

Application Round Financial Aid Deadline Award Notification
Fall Enrollment June 15 Mid-July
Spring Enrollment November 15 Mid-December

Ready to Invest in Your Future? Connect with Our Financial Aid Team

  • Investing in your graduate studies is an investment in your potential, your career, and your future impact. For personalized support and guidance on your financial journey, connect with our dedicated financial aid team. At Trinity College, we believe in the enduring value of your education – invest wisely, invest in yourself.  

The training Trinity offers helps to develop strong core skills, such as reading, analysis, and critical thinking, which are necessary and can be applied in so many different contexts, from education to business.

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