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Discover a transformative experience at Trinity College, where we empower motivated professionals and recent graduates to realize their potential. Our graduate programs in American studies, English, public policy, and urban planning are designed for determined doers who are unafraid to engage deeply, to learn collaboratively, and to initiate change. With a dedicated faculty, small class sizes, and the resources of a vibrant capital city, we offer a distinctive path to personal and professional growth.

Each program’s curriculum is strategically crafted to build essential skills and knowledge within your chosen field, culminating in a capstone project, thesis, or practicum. We emphasize the power of close advising, professional development, and a proud alumni network to position you for success.

Join us in a rich tradition of learning, and prepare to thrive. Ready to take the next step? Explore our graduate programs below, connect with our team, or apply now.


Master of Arts in American Studies

Trinity College’s M.A. in American studies offers a dynamic exploration of the United States through a multifaceted experiment, blending archival research, spatial analysis, and transnational perspectives. Uncover American culture and history while honing skills essential for today’s diverse world.


Master of Arts in English

Dive deep into the world of literature, history, and critical theory with Trinity’s M.A. in English. Develop your writing prowess and analytical acumen through rigorous study, preparing you to excel in a variety of fields where communication and critical thinking are paramount.


Master of Arts in Public Policy

Equip yourself for impactful policy analysis with Trinity College’s M.A. in public policy. Gain a solid foundation in both empirical and normative approaches, supplemented by hands-on experience through electives and a capstone policy practicum. Be ready to tackle real-world challenges head-on.


Master of Arts in Urban Planning

Chart the course for vibrant, sustainable cities with Trinity’s M.A. in urban planning. Guided by the American Planning Association, our curriculum combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills, preparing you to shape the future of communities locally and globally.


Graduate Certificate in Museums and Communities

Explore the intersection of culture, history, and society with Trinity’s certificate in museums and communities. Tailored to meet the evolving needs of cultural institutions, this program equips you with the skills to engage diverse communities to preserve our collective heritage.


Graduate Certificate in Urban Planning

From local to global perspectives, this interdisciplinary program offers an introduction to urban planning through enriching courses, providing a nuanced understanding of societies and cultures of any size.


Bachelor of Arts/Master of Arts in American Studies

Accelerate your career trajectory with Trinity’s B.A./M.A. in American studies. Designed for ambitious undergraduates in American studies or history, this program offers a fast track to professional development, enabling you to complete two degrees in just five years.


Bachelor of Science/Master of Arts in Neuroscience

Elevate your academic journey with Trinity’s B.S./M.A. program in neuroscience. Engage in rare undergraduate research while preparing for advanced study in medical school or Ph.D. programs, setting the stage for a fulfilling and impactful career in academia or healthcare.

Simply put: I would not be where I am today without Trinity’s master’s program, and I recommend that anyone interested in pursuing their intellectual curiosity or looking to have new opportunities opened for them consider [Trinity’s] programs.

Scott Reznick M'12, English

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