For more information about Graduate Studies at Trinity College, please contact:

Academic Director
Professor Dan Mrozowski
[email protected] or (860) 297-2036

General Questions and Inquiries
For additional information, please submit the Graduate Inquiry Form.

Faculty Program Directors
American Studies Program Director
Professor Christina Heatherton
[email protected] or (860) 297-2347

English Program Director
Professor Dan Mrozowski
[email protected] or (860) 297-2036

​​​​​​Neuroscience B.S./M.A. Program Director
Professor Sarah Raskin​
[email protected] or (860) 297-2342

Public Policy Program Director
Professor Sean Fitzpatrick​
[email protected] or (860) 297-4124

Urban Planning Program Director
Professor Garth Myers​
[email protected] or (860) 297-4273
Program Coordinator
Teresita Romero
[email protected] or (860) 297-2151

Campus Address
103 Vernon Street