The humanities are at the core of the liberal arts. Featuring small discussion-based, writing-intensive courses, studying the humanities is part of becoming a broadly educated person and strong analytical thinker, one who can communicate compellingly, think flexibly, and engage effectively in the world.

First-Rate Faculty

Faculty members in the humanities at Trinity include award-winning teachers and scholars, beloved by generations of alumni.  The humanities at Trinity span core disciplines, including English, history, languages and culture, philosophy, and religious studies, as well as interdisciplinary fields like international studies; American studies; women, gender, and sexuality; Jewish studies; and human rights.

Engaged Humanities

Two first-year programs serve as gateways to the humanities and Trinity:  the Humanities Gateway and the Global Health Humanities.  The Public Humanities Collaborative (PHC), in turn, is an exceptional summer research opportunity that brings together students and faculty on campus with individuals and organizations in Hartford.  Trinity also hosts a Mellon-funded Digital Fellow in Public Humanities.  And Trinity’s global study programs all offer integrated, immersive learning experiences to complement humanities majors.

Humanities Research

Faculty and students at Trinity benefit from the rich resources of the Trinity College Library and the Watkinson Library and College Archives.  Humanities research is itself featured across the College, including through regular speakers sponsored by academic departments and programs as well as the Trinity Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, the Allan K. Smith Reading and Scholars Series, the Center for Caribbean Studies, the Leonard E. Greenberg Center for the Study of Religion in Public Life, and the Barbieri Center for Italian Studies.  In Hartford, nationally significant cultural institutions like the Mark Twain House, the Harriet Beecher Stowe House, and the Connecticut Historical Study continue to inspire student research.

Humanities in Hartford

With its rich cultural and literary history, Hartford is an ideal place to pursue humanities scholarship—the study of how people interpret and record shared human experience.