Due to concerns over COVID-19 all spring common hour events have been cancelled. We hope to re-schedule these events for the 2020-2021 academic year. In the meantime, please take care. Best wishes, Beth and Mitch for TIIS

The Trinity Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (TIIS) provides support for faculty as intellectuals: to exchange ideas, discuss books, critique each other’s works-in-progress, and invite scholars to campus to engage in ongoing discussions.  TIIS was founded on the beliefs that many problems profit from being conceptualized in multiple ways, and that interdisciplinary dialogue will invigorate our sense of the many available dimensions of a given intellectual project.

The Institute’s interdisciplinary vocation is two-fold. First, TIIS will enable scholars within a given disciplinary field to converse with scholars working in other epistemological and methodological frameworks. Second, TIIS will promote a deliberate, robust, and conscious outreach to all faculty members at Trinity, of all ranks and statuses. TIIS facilitates the many interdisciplinary conversations already in progress on campus and off, and aims to initiate new ones.

TIIS offers numerous and varied programming throughout the year, from large public events to intimate discussions.



TIIS sponsors at least four events over the course of each semester. These events spark discussion and create connections over topics of interdisciplinary interest.


Trinity Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies

Ashley Hamelin- Program Coordinator Dangremond Commons
Hallden Hall

300 Summit St.
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