The Senior Class Gift Campaign is an essential rite of passage for graduating Trinity students.

Make your gift to the Senior Class Gift Campaign now.

You can become a Trinity GEM (Give Every Month) by scheduling an automatic monthly gift to the college. You can learn how to do so and more about Trinity GEMs here.

Become a Loyal Bantam by making your Trinity College Fund gift today and pledging to give the same amount each year for the next four years​. Click here for more information about the Loyal Bantam Club.

Join the Long Walk Societies of Trinity College (LWS) with a gift of $100 or more. Click here​ for more information about Trinity’s most active and generous donors.​

Senior Class Gift Campaign​​- FAQ

What is the Senior Class Gift Campaign?

The Senior Class Gift Campaign is a monetary contribution to any aspect of Trinity College. When students participate in the Senior Class Gift Campaign, they demonstrate to their community the parts of Trinity that they cherish the most.

So, can I designate my gift to anything?

You may designate your gift to football, the English Department, the Multicultural Affairs Council—almost anything with the exception of Cinestudio.

I keep hearing about the Trinity College Fund (TCF). What’s that?

The Trinity College Fund (TCF) helps bridge a 6% gap in tuition. Tuition actually only covers 65% of Trinity College’s costs. The Trinity College Fund (TCF) helps bridge a 6% gap in what remains in making a Trinity education possible for today’s students. It helps support small class sizes, study abroad programs, sports teams, clubs and organizations, on-campus jobs… The list goes on and on. Without it, students would not be able to do the amazing things that contribute to a Trinity experience. Contributing to the TCF every year is what keeps the Trinity experience alive.

Why should I give back when I already pay tuition or have student loans to repay?

Because, believe it or not, tuition does not represent the true cost of a Trinity education. Tuition only covers about 2/3 of the cost of a Trinity education, similar to most of our peer institutions. Gifts from alumni, parents, students, and friends help offset the costs of every student who attends Trinity. All Trinity undergraduates receive a “hidden” scholarship of roughly $12,000 – the difference between the amount of money Trinity charges and the actual cost to the college. Therefore, making your contribution helps ensure that we can continue to offer future students the same unique educational experience that we enjoy.

Trinity Operating Budget Diagram

What are the different ways I can make my gift?

1) Make your donation to the TCF in honor of a particular professor, staff member, coach, or even a fellow student.
2) Designate your gift within the TCF by choosing one of the areas listed on the Trinity College Fund page.
3) Make a restricted gift to a particular department or team.
4) Split your gift, and support the area about which you are passionate as well as the Trinity experience as a whole. Your entire gift will count toward the total Senior Class Gift Campaign.

How much should I give?

​Any gift made by a senior, from $5 to $100 and beyond, counts as participation for the Senior Class Gift Campaign. We are asking each member of the senior Class to participate to the extent that they are able. The recommended gift is $10. Many students give an amount in honor of their class year (for example, $24 for the class of 2024), while students who wish to be a Long Walk Societies member make a gift of $100 or more.

However, it’s important to understand what that gift means. This should not be the last time you give—Trinity students and faculty require yearly support. You may give $5, $20, $100 today, but remember that alumni support will always be needed to make sure Trinity students can prosper.

Can the gift come from my parents or grandparents?

Yes. The gift can come from any source as long as the donor makes the gift on your behalf (in other words, in your name) so you get the credit. They can go online to

What is the Loyal Bantam Club?

The Loyal Bantam Club recognizes committed donors whose annual gifts serve as the foundation for Trinity College’s growth. Gifts of every amount, to any area of the college, given by an individual for five or more consecutive fiscal years count toward Loyal Bantam participation. Just check the box on the giving page to make your Loyal Bantam pledge.

I want to join the Long Walk Societies, but I can’t give $100 right now. What can I do?

You can make your gift in monthly recurring installments. Just select the Scheduled Payments option on the giving page. As a member of the Long Walk Societies you will be invited to special receptions and events held throughout the country where you will be able to network with the college’s most generous and active supporters. ​Making a monthly gift also makes you eligible to join us as a Trinity GEM.

What is the deadline to participate in the Senior Class Gift Campaign?

The absolute last day is the Friday before Commencement. But don’t put it off! Incentives will be available before this date.

For more information about the Senior Class Gift Campaign, contact:
Jennifer Loscialpo
Associate Director of Annual Giving
(860) 297-2592
Trinity Commons – 106