Trinity College Rome Campus offers many opportunities to immerse yourself into the local culture. Whether it’s learning how to make fresh pasta in a cooking class or going out to dinner at the favorite local spots with your new Italian student friends, Rome will quickly begin to feel like your home away from home.

University Partners Program (UPs)

The University Partners program is designed to help our students create a strong connection with their Italian peers at different local universities in Rome. A curricular component of each Italian language course, all of our students are paired with an Italian University Partner for the semester. Together with their UPs, each student will spend 20-30 hours off campus, discovering the city and hanging out with young Italians. Activities with Ups might include sitting at a café and chatting, visiting an art exhibition or opening, going to a soccer match, discovering spots where other university students hang out in Rome, discovering less touristy neighborhoods, attending events organized by student associations, going out for dinner with UPs and friends or cooking together. Past students have really enjoyed the experience, finding it to be a very effective way of meeting their Italian peers and having a more immersive experience while in Rome. The experience has also helped them to improve their language skills, broaden their knowledge of the local culture, and last but not least, make friends.

Italian Living Project (Launching Spring 2022)

The Italian Living Project is designed for students who are truly interested in living a full-immersion experience while in Rome. Students who apply and are accepted for the Italian Living program, will live off-campus for the semester in a nearby Trinity-managed apartment with Italian roommates from the local university in Rome and one or two fellow students from the program. During their semester or year in Rome, their Italian roommates will be an enormous resource for students. Selected by our staff, the Italian roommates will be there to help students get adjusted to their new apartment, neighborhood and the local culture and to spend time cooking and hanging out with them at home. Although there is no language requirement to live in the Trinity Italian Apartment, students who participate in the program will be expected to sign a language agreement pledging to use Italian as much as possible around the house. Like their classmates on the program, students participating in the Italian Living Project, will still come to campus on a daily basis to take classes, eat lunch with the group and participate in regular program activities and trips.


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