Description of non-traditional charges.

Cost of Credits Beyond the Standard Course Load

For 2021-2022, $29,305 is charged for full-time study per semester, which is defined as 3.0 to 5.75 course credits per term. Since standard course credits carried per term are 4.5, the College allows for 1.25 additional course credits to be carried without charge. Students who register for 6.0 course credits are charged an additional $6,512. For enrollment over 6.0 course credit please contact

Part-Time Study

Students approved for and enrolled in less than three (3) course credits per term will be billed $19,538 per term, which represents 2/3 of full tuition. Written notification of approval of part-time study by the Dean of Students must be submitted to the Office of Student Accounts.

Repeat Courses

A fee of $6,512 per credit will be charged for each repeated course if that course brings the student’s course credit hours over the 5.75 limit.

Study Away

Due to the pandemic, information regarding study away is still being determined. For questions about study away please email

Residential Life Cancellation Fee

In order to ensure that students who select rooms in the housing lottery have the intention of residing in those rooms, the Office of Residential Life has instituted a room cancellation fee policy. This policy allows the College to better manage occupancy and vacancy issues and provides students on the housing waiting list a realistic estimate of whether or not housing will become available.

These fees will be charged to your student account.

Student Health Insurance

Trinity College requires all enrolled traditional undergraduate student to have valid annual health insurance regardless of site of study. All undergraduate students (except IDP) will be billed $2,599 on the July (fall term) bill. For more information visit our student health insurance page.