Hartford Campus

2020–2021 Academic Year Fall Term Spring Term Total
Tuition $28,190 $28,190 $56,380
General Fee $1,120 $1,120 $2,240
Student Activity Fee $215 $215 $430
Standard Room* $4,980 $4,980 $9,960
Meal Plan (First-Year) $2,540 $2,540 $5,080
Transcript Fee (new students only) $50 $50
Total Due $37,095 $37,045 $74,140

*Additional $1420 for Townhouses per term

Fall 2020 Bills

The fall 2020 term ebills have not yet been issued. The Students Accounts and Loans Office is building the data for fall term billing, which is expected to occur by  July 15. Read on for details.

Full-Time Study

Full-time study is defined as 4.00 to 5.75 course credits per term. For the 2020-21 academic year, to maintain full-time student status and remain in good standing at the college, students must enroll in at least 4 credits in the fall and J-Term combined and 4 credits in the spring and summer terms combined. The maximum amount of credits that may be taken in the fall and J-Term combined and the spring and Summer Session 1 combined, as part of regular tuition, is 5.75 and, as part of the total number of credits, students can take a maximum of 2 credits in J-term. Students who register for more than 5.75 course credits are charged an additional surcharge, with some exceptions. The College will exclude the following courses (up to a maximum of 1.50 credits per semester) from surcharge: teaching assistantship, research assistantship, internship, first-year mentor, thesis, independent study, Theater and Dance courses 109 and 309, private music lessons and music ensembles. Seniors are advised to make sure that the 4 credits needed for second semester are taken during the spring session since graduation will occur prior to the summer session. In the case that students, in order to stay on track for graduation, must exceed 5.75 credits in the fall and J-term combined or spring and Summer Session 1 combined they may submit a petition, with their academic advisor’s recommendation, to the Academic Affairs Committee to exceed the pre-surcharge limit of 5.75 credits.

Part-Time Study

Students approved for and enrolled in less than three (3) course credits per term will be billed $18,793 per term, which represents 2/3 of full tuition. Written notification of approval of part-time study by the Dean of Students must be submitted to the Office of Student Accounts.

For more information about other non-traditional charges, please visit the Non-Traditional Charges page of our website.

Meal Plans

All Freshman and Transfer students will be billed for the 19 Traditional, returning students will automatically be billed for the meal plan on file from prior term.  Meal plan charges will be adjusted based on student’s meal plan contract. Please refer to the Chartwells website for more details about each meal plan and meal plan changes, www.dineoncampus.com/trinity.

Study Away Programs

Study away fee: one semester = $3,500, full year = $4,000

​Location  Comprehensive Fee
Barcelona $37,885
Cape Town $34,990
​LaMaMa*NYC $36,790
​Paris  TBD
Rome $38,135
​​Shanghai $35,215
Trinidad ​$37,660
​Vienna ​$35,215