Hartford Campus

2023–2024 Academic Year Fall Term Spring Term Total
Tuition $32,215 $32,215 $64,430
General Fee $1,280 $1,280 $2,560
Student Activity Fee $215 $215 $430
Standard Room* $5,820 $5,820 $11,640
Meal Plan (First-Year) $3,175 $3,175 $6,350
Total Due $42,705 $42,705 $85,410

*Townhouses will be billed at $ 7,485  per term ($1,665  additional cost per term)

Full-Time Study

Full-time study for BILLING purposes is defined as 3.00 to 5.75 course credits per term. Standard course credits carried per term are 4.5; the College allows for 1.25 additional course credits to be carried without charge. Students who register for 6.0 course credits are charged an additional $7,159, with some exceptions and additional course credits would incur additional costs. The College will exclude the following courses (up to a maximum of 1.50 credits per semester) from surcharge: teaching assistantship, research assistantship, internship, first-year mentor, thesis, independent study, Theater and Dance courses 109 and 309, private music lessons and music ensembles. Please note this exclusion is for tuition for the course credit only. Other costs associated with these courses, such as instructor fees, will be charged.

Internship and Jterm or Summer Term Tuition

Enrollment in any internship, Jterm courses or Summer term courses will result in addtional cost for credits earned.

Part-Time Study

Students approved for and enrolled in less than three (3) course credits per term will be billed $21,477 per term, which represents 2/3 of full tuition. Written notification of approval of part-time study by the Dean of Students must be submitted to the Office of Student Accounts.

For more information about other non-traditional charges, please visit the Non-Traditional Charges page of our website.

Meal Plans

For 23-24 year, there are three meal plan options.  All returning students and First Year  students will be billed for the new All Access meal plan on the July ebill.   Please refer to the Chartwells website for more details about each meal plan and meal plan changes, www.dineoncampus.com/trinity. Changes to meal plan choices can be made by sending email to [email protected]  starting 7/1/23.

Trinity Signature Study Away Programs 2023-2024

​Location  Comprehensive Fee
Cape Town $39,315
​LaMaMa*NYC $40,015
Rome $42,490
​​Shanghai $39,315
​Vienna $39,315

For information about the Home School Tuition Policy for Approved External Programs (AEPs) and other financing questions, visit the Office of Study Away website.