An Incomplete (IN) is a transcript notation for a temporary extension, and approval is dependent both on the individual instructor’s agreement and the AAC decision. Typically, non-completion of an Incomplete by the date due will result in conversion of the “IN” to a failing grade.


A course incomplete is intended for students who have serious and unforeseen emergency situations in the last week or two of classes (e.g. a student cannot turn in the final assignment or take the final exam due to hospitalization).

  • An Incomplete is not intended for falling behind on work and/or not doing well in a course.
  • Note that a separate form must be completed for each course for which you are asking for an Incomplete.


  • Click here to download the form
  • The Spring 2023 Deadline to submit this petition form is Friday, May 12, 2023 (the last day of exams)
  • Complete parts I & III
  • Ask your Advisor(s) to sign part II and your Instructor to complete part IV
  • Unless Steps I, II, III, & IV are completed, the Academic Affairs Committee (AAC) will not consider the request
  • Scan the completed form and send it as an attachment, along with supporting documentation, to [email protected] via email, with “Request for Incomplete” and your name in the subject line.


If approved by the AAC, a “course Incomplete” is a temporary placeholder of a grade until the due date.  (If the coursework is not completed by the due-date, the temporary Incomplete converts to an F).  The student should stay in good communication with their instructor about the coursework and timeline.

An instructor cannot just submit a “grade” of “IN”. The notation can only be done via an (Academic Affairs Committee) approved course Incomplete petition.

Please Note: This process is different from the temporary COVID practice. We are now back to the normal process for course Incompletes, which is processed through the AAC.

General steps to petition for an Incomplete:

  • If the student meets the conditions for a possible Incomplete as described above
  • If a professor is willing to allow an extension given the parameters of the course
  • The student may submit a petition to the AAC for a possible Incomplete using the link above
  • If the AAC approves an Incomplete, students are strongly encouraged to finish the coursework as soon as possible while things remain as fresh, so they do not carry the workload into the new semester. Work for an Incomplete must be finished by the due date.