The Plan B major—Students choosing a Plan B major in language and culture studies may elect Arabic as their secondary language. Students who do so are required to take five courses in Arabic beyond ARAB 101, including at least one course in Arabic literature and culture (ARAB 224, 225, 226).

The minor in ArabicFor students who wish to minor in Arabic, this is a sequence of five courses: ARAB 101, 102, 201, 202, and 301, designed to develop linguistic skills and to give an appreciation of Arab culture and civilization. In addition, students are required to take either ARAB 233, LING 101. Introduction to Linguistics, or a course in the Middle East section of the International Studies Program. No more than one transfer credit may be applied to the minor.

To declare a minor in Arabic, contact Assistant Professor Kifah Hanna. Students interested in cross-disciplinary approaches to the study of Middle Eastern culture are referred to the Middle Eastern studies concentration.