Trinity's new graduate certificate in urban planning is offered through the master's program in public policy, cross-listed with the Urban Studies department. It may be pursued as part of a master's degree or for the certificate alone.

No institution in Connecticut has an urban planning program, even at the certificate level.  This gap has left Connecticut with disadvantages in attempting to tap the strengths of urban areas for the overall growth and quality of life for residents.  Trinity invites students, from its website onward, to “start in Hartford, [and] explore the world.”  Moving from Hartford outward, to Connecticut, the New England region, the US, and the world, this graduate certificate includes both a series of Hartford-area courses, as well as courses in Global Cities.


The certificate requires 2 core courses and 2 elective courses for a total of 4 courses.  The courses are as follows:

Core Courses

  • URST 833/PBPL 833 Intro to Urban Planning
  • URST 874/PBPL 874 Public Policy Practicum, or
  • URST 320/820/PBPL 820 Urban Research Practicum


  • URST 302/PBPL 802 Global Cities
  • URST 321/821/PBPL 821 Geographies of Transport
  • URST 869/PBPL 869 Leadership in the Policy Arena
  • URST 860/PBPL 860 Public Management

Please note:  Courses taken as part of the Certificate will count towards a Master’s Degree in Public Policy if the student chooses to pursue a Master’s Degree while pursuing the Certificate, or at the completion of the Certificate program.

Please visit the Admissions page for more information about applying.

Read more about the program in the Center for Urban and Global Studies blog.