CUGS administers student research and engagement programs each year that allow Trinity students to investigate and engage with urban and global topics outside the classroom.

Learn more about student research and engagement programs available through CUGS below.

Questions about student research through CUGS can be sent to: Gabby Nelson, Associate Director, Center for Urban and Global Studies, [email protected]

Need to present on your research or engagement project? See the research presentation guide here. See the engagement presentation guide here.

Looking to get started on a research proposal? View an overview of the summer research program and tips for developing a proposal here.


Projects for Peace

Projects for Peace grants allow students to design their own grassroots projects that they implement anywhere in the world during the summer. Through a competition on more than 90 campuses, 100+ projects are selected for funding at $10,000 each. Applications for summer 2023 grants are due January 25, 2023.


Summer Research Program

The summer research program through CUGS offer students the opportunity to explore urban and global issues. The summer research funds include the Grossman, Tanaka, Kelter, and China Urban Studies Fund.


Rosemary and Stan Marcuss '63 Fellowship in Urban Studies

The Rosemary and Stan Marcuss ’63 Fellowships provide opportunities for students interested in advancing inquiry into and research related to issues faced by urban communities. The funded research will culminate in senior honors theses by the selected students and the submission of articles written by them for publication in relevant scholarly journals. Each year, the Marcuss Fellowships provide stipends of $4,000 each to two students and stipends of $2,000 each to the faculty mentors who agree supervise the Fellows’ research. Students apply during the spring of their junior year.


Kelter and Grossman Thesis Awards

CUGS invites submissions for two thesis awards. These awards are given to students who complete excellent theses in urban and global studies and who submit their theses for consideration by the stated deadline. The deadline for 2022 is April 18th. Please send your thesis to Gabby Nelson, [email protected], to be considered. The students chosen to win the award will receive $500 for first prize and $100 for second prize, along with recognition and a certificate on Honors Day.

The Kelter Urban Studies Thesis Award is given to the student(s) who complete(s) the most outstanding thesis in urban studies.

The Grossman Global Studies Thesis Award is given to the student(s) who complete(s) the most outstanding thesis in global studies.


Technos International Week

Two students are invited to take part in a two-week trip to Japan to participate in Technos International Week held in Tokyo every year in June, accompanied by one member of the Trinity faculty or staff.  Airfare, lodging, travel while in Japan, and certain other expenses while on the trip are covered by the Technos International Week program