In June 2020, CUGS will embark on the 12th iteration of its summer field study course in China.

This year’s theme is “A Tale of Two Global City-Regions: Immigration and Innovation in Greater Shanghai and Shenzhen.”

The program dates will be June 6-24, 2020. Students will earn 1.0 credits enrolled in URST/INTS 313.

Immigration and innovation are the twin drivers of dynamic and sustainable cities. Immigration creates a diverse and vibrant entrepreneurial spirit and activities that lead to new and innovative ideas, organizations, and products, which in turn enrich and improve cities.

During China’s rapid urbanization, Shanghai and Shenzhen are a pair of the most dramatic and illustrative cities where immigration and innovation have interacted differently in driving growth and transformation.

Since immigration and innovation in both Shenzhen and Shanghai have spilled into the surrounding lower-tier cities and peri-urban places, we will include Chongming Island near Shanghai and Dongguan and Shunde near Shenzhen as comparative cases for studying immigrant and innovation connections between two global mega-cities and their fully linked regional hinterlands.

For questions related to the application or logistics, please contact: Gabby Nelson,, Program Coordinator, Center for Urban and Global Studies

For questions related to academics, please contact: Xiangming Chen,, Paul E. Raether Distinguished Professor of Global Urban Studies and Sociology


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Gabby Nelson, Program Coordinator, Center for Urban and Global Studies 70 Vernon Street, Room 201A