When do residential communities open?

  • New students will report to the Washington Room in Mather Hall on September 3rd. Students participating in pre-orientation programs will arrive earlier and receive check in information from their pre-orientation program coordinator. When the check-in process is complete, students will receive their Trinity ID and proceed to their residential community to move-in.

How do I access my residential community?

  • Students will access their community, suite, bedroom, and bathroom using their ID card. This card is also what you will use to load Bantam Bucks and money for laundry.

I am arriving early; may I access my room?

  • Only students who are participating in pre-orientation or in season athletes will be allowed to come to campus early. Students will hear from their pre-orientation leaders and/or coach regarding access to their communities/rooms.

What should/can I bring to campus?

When do I find out my room assignment?

  • Room assignments will be made available to incoming students in early August.

I have a friend that I want to room with, how do I about selecting them as my roommate?

  • Roommate requests are accepted until June 30th. Be advised there is no guarantee that the request can be accommodated. Students are assigned to housing based on their Nest assignment which is determined by the first-year seminar the student is assigned to.  Students who wish to make a request should email the Director of Housing Operations, Susan Salisbury, at susan.salisbury@trincoll.edu.

What size will my bed be?

  • Standard twin extra long: 39 x 80 inches

What are the dimensions of my room?

Will my room have air-conditioning?

  •  No, none of the first-year buildings have air conditioning, so fans are encouraged! You are not allowed to install your own unit. If you believe you have a medical need for a unit, you will need to apply for a housing accommodation through the Student Accessibility Resource Center.

May I bring a pet to campus?

  • No, pets are not allowed in any residential community, unless a student with disabilities has a service animal or has applied for and been permitted to bring an Emotional Support Animal by the Student Accessibility Resource Center six weeks prior to arriving on campus.

Where do I get my mail, and how do I find out my campus address?

  • The college post office and all student mailboxes are located on the lower level of Mather Hall. The phone number for the Post Office is 860-297-2560. Incoming students will be given their mailbox number with their check-in materials on Check-In day of Orientation. Mail and packages should be sent directly to your assigned campus box. You will keep the same mailbox all four years you are here. Your address will look like below:

Your Name
Trinity College
300 Summit Street Box ######
Hartford, CT 06106

I have an issue with my roommate; what do I do?

  • We encourage students to have a one on one conversation with their roommate regarding any misunderstanding. If this does not resolve the issue, the RAs are available to assist with mediation.  Please be advised that it is extremely rare that a student is relocated due to a roommate issue.

May I have a car on campus?

  • First-year students are not permitted to have a car on campus, unless there are extenuating, unforeseen circumstances. Unregistered cars will be ticketed and towed.  If a first-year student has extenuating circumstances, contact the Dean of Students Office at (860) 297-2156 for more guidance.

Can I have guests visit me?

  • Yes, but only for a maximum for 3 days within a week, and you must have a conversation about this with your roommates so that you’re all in agreement and on the same page. While your guest is staying on campus, you will be held responsible for them and their actions. Check out page 88 of the student handbook for more details about the college’s guest policy
  • To get your guest an ID which will give them access to your room and a bathroom in your community, email your Residential Learning Coordinator with your guest’s name, contact number, your room number, the arrival and departure dates and times, and what gender bathroom your guest would prefer. Your RLC will then contact the help desk/ access control office and you will receive email notification from them when the ID is ready for pickup. You need to submit these requests with four business days notice.

Is there storage space available in the residential communities?

  • There is no storage available for your personal belongings in the residential communities, beyond your bedroom. Any items stored in common spaces like bathrooms, lounges, and laundry rooms are stored at your own risk.

Is there a place to store my bicycle?

  • Bike racks are located all around campus outside. If you’re bringing a bike, make sure to bring a good bike lock (campus safety recommends a U-lock). You may keep your bike in your bedroom as well. Do not store your bike in hallways, as this is a fire hazard, or laundry rooms.

Will I be able to store my belongings over the summer?

  • Summer storage is not available or permitted in the residential communities.