Your Room

Trinity College provides each student with a bed frame, mattress, desk & desk chair, dresser, and either a wardrobe or a closet. Also, each room has an Ethernet port and Wi-Fi access.

We suggest making arrangements with your roommate(s) if you are planning to bring major appliances such as a refrigerator, television, or microwave. Avoid Duplication!

Please refer to the Student Handbook (section on Residential Guidelines) for a list of prohibited items, such as halogen lamps, toaster ovens, hot plates, full and three-quarter size refrigerators, and pets. Also, if you are bringing tapestries, be sure they are flame-resistant; they may not cover outlets or fixtures, or be hung on the ceiling.

Protect your belongings!

Now that you have decided on what to bring to campus, make sure you keep it safe!
Every year there are students and parents who unfortunately are surprised to learn that the College does not assume liability for personal property (computers, clothing, etc.) for any reason. We, therefore, suggest that you examine your homeowners/renters policies and evaluate whether to purchase an additional student personal property policy. The CSI Insurance Agency, Inc. has gained our permission to offer their product, so we have included a link for your convenience. However, you are certainly welcome to research other policies if you wish.
The CSI website includes the following helpful tools:
  • An online calculator to help you value your belongings
  • Insurance quotes
  • Comparison to a homeowners policy