Trinity strives to be a residential college and currently houses over 90 percent of matriculated students in college-owned and -operated housing.

Students are allowed to petition to live off-campus on a space-available basis. 175 students of second year or higher (starting fall 2019) will be allowed to live off campus (housing not owned by the College) on a first come, first served basis. Rising second year students will be limited to a maximum of 35 and cannot be on academic probation at the conclusion of their first two semesters.

Trinity is not involved in making off-campus housing arrangements for students. Students are responsible for arranging their own housing off campus. When the Office of the Bantam Network Residential Learning Community has received 175 requests, a notice will go out to the community letting everyone know that no more requests will be accepted.

Off Campus housing applications will be accepted starting February 18th until the maximum number allowed (175) are approved.

We encourage you to read the FAQs first as there is very important information for to you to consider.

Will my financial aid be affected if I live off campus?
It is expected that all financial aid will be calculated the same regardless of your housing status. However, since student’s financial aid packages can vary dramatically, we suggest that you contact the Office of Financial Aid directly to discuss your personal situation.

If I am studying away from the Hartford campus for part of the year, will I be able to share a lease with someone?
This is between the renter and the property owner. Ask questions!

What do I need to do to get permission from the college to live off campus?
Each year, on a first-come, first-served basis, the college will allow a limited number of students to live off campus. At the bottom of the page there is a link to a “Request to Live Off Campus Form.” Please make sure that you tell us that you will be living off campus by completing the form(exact date is contained in the housing lottery instructions). When you do this it will help us let others know (who want to live on campus) that there will be space for them.

If I live off campus, how will that affect my lottery number in future years?
Under the current system, the way that lottery numbers are calculated is to average the room ratings for each room you occupied in campus housing. When students take a period off, study away from campus, or live off campus, there is no room rating given. Therefore, there is no penalty for living off campus.

Request to Live Off Campus Form