Welcome to our dynamic community!

Life in the residential communities offers students various opportunities to gain meaningful experiences, build significant relationships, and create unique connections to the Trinity Community.

About Us

We hold a strong commitment to providing students with a diverse, inclusive, and caring  living-learning community. To uphold this commitment, our Residential Learning Coordinators and Community Mentors live in residence with our students. Together, our staff cultivates opportunities that contribute to students’ growth and development. Most importantly, as part of the Nests, our staff members help guide students through their Trinity experience.

Ours is a culture of shared responsibility among all members of our residential learning community.


The Bantam Network Residential Learning Community provides an inclusive living-learning community that fosters student development and learning by cultivating transformative opportunities and encouraging behaviors that reflect our communal principles.


The Bantam Network Residential Learning Community fosters a holistic residential experience for students from matriculation to graduation, through innovative, student-centered programs, services, and infrastructure, in support of our growing and diverse student population.

Our Goals and Communal Principles

  1. Nurture an inclusive living-learning residential community that embraces diversity and complexity
  2. Promote student development and success
  3. Deliver quality programs, resources, and services

The Bantam Network Residential Learning Community is committed to building a community of inclusivity, care, accountability, respect, and excellence (I.C.A.R.E.). Our communal principles serve as guide for all members of our community, encouraging them to act in a manner that promotes the best of what the Trinity community has to offer.

Be safe, Be caring, Be respectful, & Be engaged!

  • Inclusivity: We foster an environment where we embrace our differences, celebrate diversity, share our experiences, and value the individual and collective contributions we make to our community.
  • Care: We create spaces that facilitates a sense of belonging and care. Provide a network of care by creating opportunities where students, staff and faculty can create meaningful connections.
  • Accountability: Shared responsibility, care, wellness, respect, fairness, integrity, open communication, and dignity are expected and embraced in our community.
  • Respect: We promote a community of care, one in which everyone is treated with dignity, integrity, and civility. We recognize respect as the foundation for honesty, trust, and meaningful communication.
  • Excellence: We embrace challenges as opportunities for growth by engaging in initiatives that deepen our learning, broaden our knowledge, enhance our understanding of self and others, and enable us to make positive contributions to our communities.

A Bantam's Residential Experience

Students build on their classroom experiences by exploring different opportunities and engaging with their peers, staff, and faculty within the residential learning communities.


Dining At Trinity

There are a variety of dining options conveniently located on campus. Mather Hall, The Cave, The Bistro, each location offers a little something for everyone.


Office of The Bantam Network Residential Learning Community

Admissions Building, Ground Floor
Trinity College
300 Summit Street
Hartford, CT 06106
Monday-Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm