Helping students navigate their Trinity experience!

Our professional staff members help guide students as they work to achieve academic success and personal growth. Through their relationships with our staff, students create meaningful connections to resources within the campus community. These connections are vital to students as they navigate their Trinity experience.

A Little About Us…

Dr. Jody T. Goodman

Dean of Student Life and Director of The Bantam Network
Office Location: Cook Hall – B201

“The best part of my role is watching our students flourish and grow, as they navigate their collegiate experience. It is amazing to see the transformation that occurs for students from their first-year on campus to the moment they walk across the stage at graduation.”



Susan Salisbury

Director of Housing Operations
Office Location: Cook Hall – C406

“As I enter my 22nd year at Trinity, I continue to look forward to watching our students grow and develop into amazing adults. I have seen many of our students become leaders in our community, start families of their own and pave a way for the next generation of students. My door is always open and I look forward to meeting the new members of our Trinity Community.”


Sheila Njau ’17 M’19

Residential Learning Coordinator-TRINsition Fellow
Office Location: Hamlin Hall – 304
Residential Communities: Crescent Street Neighborhood (Clemens, Crescent Street Townhouses, Stowe), Long Walk Neighborhood (Cook, Goodwin, Jarvis, Northam Towers), and Ogilby

“It is an honor to be a part of a community that focuses on the care of students and is truly invested in their holistic journey throughout their time at Trinity. I love not only being an advocate for the students, but also providing them with the tools to help them find success inside and outside of Trinity.” 


Joel Copperthite

Residential Learning Coordinator-TRINsition Fellow
Office Location: Hamlin Hall – 304
Residential Communities: South Campus Neighborhood (Funston, The Summits – East, North, South)

“Maya Angelou once said ‘I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, and people will forget what you did, but people will never forget the way you made them feel.’ This rings so true for me because I will never forget the ways that working with students has made me feel.”


Yasmin Affey ’19

Residential Learning Coordinator-TRINsition Fellow
Office Location: Hamlin Hall – 304
Residential Communities: South Campus Neighborhood (Elton, Jones) and North Campus

“I am so thankful for the amazing staff members who continuously supported me throughout my time at Trinity. Now that I am a staff member, it is truly a pleasure to help guide and support our students on their journey, the same way I was supported throughout mine. It is an honor to witness their accomplishments during their time at Trinity.”


Elijah Hernandez ’19

Residential Learning Coordinator-TRINsition Fellow
Office Location: 
Cook Hall – B405
Residential Communities:
South Campus Neighborhood (Jackson, Smith, Wheaton)

“We wouldn’t be who we are without all of our experiences, the good and the bad. It all happens for a reason. Once you accept it, you’ll continue to grow.”



Daniel Levy

Residential Learning Coordinator-TRINsition Fellow
Office Location:
Cook Hall – B405
Residential Communities:
Vernon Street Neighborhood (Doonesbury, Hansen, High Rise, Vernon Place)

“I treasure being able to help students explore their interests, values, and decisions, as they become positive forces in their community and the authors of their own college experience.”


A Little About What We Do...

The Director of The Bantam Network is responsible for the strategic planning, goal setting, management, and evaluation of the daily and overall operation of The Bantam Network. The Director’s role is to provide leadership and guidance in the development, implementation, and assessment of programs in all areas of The Bantam Network, which include helping define and review policies, procedures, and administrative processes of the Residential Learning Community.

The Director of Housing Operations is responsible for the operations of The Bantam Network Residential Learning Community. This includes providing direction for departmental processes and oversight of the assignment process for all returning and new incoming students, room changes, roommate mediation, early arrivals, off campus housing appeals, summer and break housing, and well as opening and closing.

The Residential Learning Coordinators-TRINsition Fellows (RLCs) are full-time staff members who live in and have oversight of our residential communities. A vital part of the Trinity community, RLCs foster community and provide guidance and support for our students. In addition, they:

  • Develop, coordinate, and assess residential education opportunities
  • Provide professional development opportunities and supervision of our student staff
  • Facilitate administrative processes including by not limited to room changes
  • Administer community standards conduct meetings
  • Coordinate department marketing and communication efforts

Office of The Bantam Network Residential Learning Community

3rd Floor, Hamlin Hall
Trinity College
Hartford, CT 06106
Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.