Get to know Trinity and let Trinity get to know you!

A Trinity College interview is an excellent opportunity for you to share more about who you are, beyond what we may learn about you from reading your Common Application. It is also a great opportunity for you to ask questions and learn more about Trinity, and to have a personalized conversation with a Trinity community member about how Trinity can help you reach your academic and personal goals. We encourage you to consider interviewing, especially if Trinity is one of your top-choice colleges!

Click on the interview options below to read about the different types of interviews we offer and to schedule your interview appointment.

Please note: All interviews “count” equally at Trinity! Therefore, there is no need for you to book more than one type of interview. Whether you interview in person, online, with an alumni representative, or with an admissions counselor, all interviews are conducted similarly and are considered the same in our admissions process.

Interview Options & Registration

Students entering college in fall 2025 may interview on campus as part of their campus visit. Interviews are conducted in the Admissions Office, and are available on most weekdays and select Saturdays in the fall. Sign up for a campus visit and interview here.

Online interviews are conducted via Zoom, and are available on most weekdays and on select Saturdays in the fall. Click here to schedule an online interview.

Trinity admissions counselors conduct in-person travel each fall to connect with students. Some counselors may offer in-person interview opportunities in select locations. See where we are hosting interviews and sign up for one here.

Trinity College also accepts interviews completed through InitialView. InitialView interviews for fall admission should be completed by the end of January.

Frequently Asked Questions about Trinity Interviews

Our interviews are open to any student who plans to apply to college in the upcoming admission cycle. Please note that IDP students are required to interview and must submit an individual interview request via email.

Interview appointments are available year-round on weekdays and select weekends. Interview registration for the upcoming cycle begins in February (for many of our applicants, this is the February of your junior year of high school). Students are welcome to interview at any time from February up until our final application deadlines in January.

Due to high demand, we encourage applicants to make appointments for interviews well in advance of their application deadline. Students should have their interview completed by the end of January.

An admissions counselor, an alumni interviewer, or a Student Admissions Associate (SAA) will conduct your interview. SAAs are current seniors at Trinity who have been trained to give interviews. Your interviewer will ask you questions about your academic interests, extracurricular activities and hobbies, and your personal goals and challenges. There are no trick questions, and no right answers! Every interview is different because each interview is a unique conversation about you as an individual. Your interviewer will also give you time to ask questions about Trinity College.

During the interview, your interviewer may jot down some notes. After the interview their notes will become a part of your application file for your admissions counselor to review along with your application.

Trinity College interviews are about 30 minutes long.

Interviews are optional in the Trinity College admissions process; we do not require or expect you to complete an interview prior to applying to Trinity. An interview can help us get to know you better and can help you learn more about Trinity, but choosing not to interview will not “hurt” your application or count against you. IDP students are required to interview.

Meet Some of our Interviewers!

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