Full Name: Lexie Axon
Hometown: Falmouth, MA
High School Attended: Falmouth High School
Major/Minor: English (Major), Women, Gender, and Sexuality (Minor), Rhetoric, Writing, and Media Arts (Minor)
Why You Chose Trinity: I chose Trinity because of its incredible English department. It also appealed to me that I could have a creative writing concentration in my major; I have always loved to write, and I wanted the ability to continue that passion in college. When I finally visited campus, I instantly felt at home and welcomed by the students and faculty. I knew I wanted to become part of that community!
Favorite Class: Women, Gender, and Family in the Middle East
Favorite Professor: Professor Papoulis and Professor O’Donnell
Extracurricular Activities: President of A.C.E.S. (Annual Community Events Staff), Head Tutor at the Writing Center, Relay for Life committee member, Venture Women’s Leadership mentor, Entertainment Activities Council Barnyard member
What You Love Most About Trinity: I love how many opportunities are presented to our students so quickly once they arrive on campus. From the moment I started my college career, I was given so many chances to not only get involved but to become a leader. These opportunities not only made me feel at home, but also confirmed that I had a voice and presence in my new community.
Your Professional Goals/Career Plans: After graduation, I hope to get a MFA in Creative Writing. My ultimate goal is to become a published author. I also am very passionate about human rights, so I would love to work for a nonprofit, as well.
Full Name: Rachel Brigham
Hometown: Kennebunk, Maine
High School Attended: Kennebunk High School
Major/Minor: Major: American Studies, Minor: Classical Antiquity, Religious Studies
Why You Chose Trinity: I chose Trinity for many reasons, a few of them being the unique location in a city as a NESCAC school, the strong alumni network, and sense of community I felt during my first visit.
Favorite Class: Data Driven Cultures
Favorite Professor: Professor Timothy Landry
Extracurricular Activities: Best Buddies, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Vice President of Inter-Greek Council
Full Name: Joanne Chambers
Hometown: Baldwin, NY
High School Attended: The Taft School
Major/Minor: Psychology
Why You Chose Trinity: I chose Trinity because I love the idea of being at a small liberal arts college. First and foremost, class size was the most important to me because I wanted to ensure that my professor knew who I was and had the time to answer my questions during and after class. Additionally, the size allows for the feeling of a close-knit community since we have the opportunity to know or recognize a great majority of the student body. I think staying small was the way to go because Trinity makes it hard to feel lost or alone.
Favorite Class: My favorite class so far has been Development and Culture, taught by Professor Anselmi. Because there were only 9 students in the class, each lesson felt personalized and every voice was heard multiple times. The class was heavily discussion based, which allowed for many personal anecdotes to help connect what we read the night prior to real world situations.
Favorite Professor: My favorite professor is Professor Anselmi because she really is a mixture of hard and caring, which definitely helped me throughout the many semesters of having her as my professor. She really wants all of her students to do well, but definitely does not hesitate to push you further academically.
Extracurricular Activities: My main extracurricular activity was being a P.R.I.D.E. Leader for two years, which was definitely the highlight of my time here at Trinity. As a leader, we are expected to provide a safe space for students who otherwise wouldn’t feel 100% accepted or included at a predominantly white institution. Through this program, I was able to promote the advancement of inclusion with the use of programming and events for all students who needed a little extra TLC.
What You Love Most About Trinity: I love that Trinity doesn’t force you into a box. Many schools want to fit you into this mold of what they would call their ideal student, but Trinity allows you to be whoever you are so long as it is in a respectful manner. There is a value to being an individual here and there is always a space to voice your opinions, which is fantastic.
Your Professional Goals/Career Plans: I’m still not sure about what my future holds, which is okay! I think Trinity has prepared me enough to advance into whichever professional field I choose, and that has helped to dispel a great deal of anxiety that comes with being a senior. Wherever I land, I’ll definitely be in good shape to handle those responsibilities.
Full Name: Jennifer Chavez
Hometown: New York City
High School Attended: Forest Hills High School
Major/Minor: Educational Studies
Why You Chose Trinity: Having the opportunity to attend a high school of over 4,000 students, I knew I wanted a much smaller and individualized experience for my undergraduate degree. Once I attended Preview Weekend my senior year of high school, I was completely convinced that at Trinity my four years would be full of uniquely caring professors/staff, supportive peer groups and endless avenues for opportunity. So far it has been just that and I know Trinity will be with me long after I graduate!
Favorite Class: Analyzing Schools
Favorite Professor: Angel Perez, Joan Hedrick, Isaac Kamola, Michael O’Donnell, and Christina Heatherton
Extracurricular Activities: President La Voz Latina, Barista Underground Coffeehouse, Multicultural Affairs Committee, First-Year Seminar Mentor, David Project Campus Leader, Burns Academy of Latino Studies Volunteer, Intern Hartford Councilwoman Wildailz Bermudez, First-Generation Student Program
What You Love Most About Trinity: I love that through Trinity I feel like I can accomplish anything. The students, faculty, administrators, and staff are an incredible support system. Thanks to this network, I feel like I truly am a global citizen who has had the opportunity to explore the world and hopefully is on the road to make it better.
Your Professional Goals/Career Plans: I hope to one day become Vice President of Admissions at a small liberal arts school like Trinity, or the head of an international abroad student program.
Full Name: Rebecca Dedert
Hometown: Nashville, TN
High School Attended: Martin Luther King Jr. Academic Magnet
Major/Minor: Public Policy & Law and Urban Studies
Why You Chose Trinity: I wanted a liberal arts degree from a college where I knew I could get individualized attention from a staff of experienced and receptive professors.
Favorite Class: Social Advocacy & Ethical Life
Favorite Professor: Garth Myers
Extracurricular Activities: QuestBridge Liaison, First-Generation Peer Mentor, Cleo member, Trinity Film Festival organizer
What You Love Most About Trinity: Trinity offers ample opportunities for academic pursuits, career exploration, research, travel, and more, delivering the entire package a liberal arts college strives to provide its students.
Your Professional Goals/Career Plans: I hope to pursue a career where I can develop policy measures to advocate for underrepresented communities, especially within an urban context.
Full Name: Jessica Duong
Hometown: Lake Bluff, IL
High School Attended: Lake Forest High School
Major/Minor: Chemistry, History, Marine Studies (minor)
Why You Chose Trinity: I chose Trinity for its unique asset of being a small liberal arts college in a vibrant capital city. I was also fortunate enough to receive the Lincoln Award.
Favorite Class: Planet Earth
Favorite Professor: Professor Michelle Kovarik
Extracurricular Activities: Trinity Film Festival, Cinestudio Movie Theater, Chemistry Research, Teaching Assistant, JELLO Community Service, TEDxTrinColl
What You Love Most About Trinity: I love Trinity for its diverse, engaging array of opportunities and experiences on campus (courses, extracurriculars, social life), off campus (Greater Hartford community), and beyond (strong + supportive alumni network). The professors at Trinity are incredibly caring and thought-provoking too.
Your Professional Goals/Career Plans: I am interested in environmental sustainability, journalism, business, and education and hope to pursue some of these interests upon graduating. Ultimately, I would love to become a high school science teacher in an urban setting.
Full Name: Sean Jaquez
Hometown: New York, NY
High School Attended: Manhattan Village Academy
Major/Minor: Political Science/Legal Studies
Why You Chose Trinity: I chose Trinity because of its rigorous academics and vibrant campus. First thought on campus: “This is home.”
Favorite Class: American Foreign Policy
Favorite Professor: Andrew Flibbert
Extracurricular Activities: Men’s Basketball Team Manager, Intramural Basketball, Pi Kappa Alpha
What You Love Most About Trinity: I love the student body and Trinity’s beautiful campus. I also love the opportunities that Trinity has to offer as well the Greater Hartford community.
Your Professional Goals/Career Plans: I plan on pursuing a JD/MBA Dual Degree in five years with the ultimate goal of becoming the Mayor of New York City.
Full Name: Megan McCarthy
Hometown: Mahwah, NJ
High School Attended: Mahwah High School
Major/Minor: Psychology major, Music minor
Why You Chose Trinity: I chose Trinity for its beautiful campus, location in a city, and its academic environment.
Favorite Class: The Beatles and Rock ‘n’ Roll
Favorite Professor: Professor Laura Holt
Extracurricular Activities: Relay for Life, ACES, and Alpha Chi Omega
What You Love Most About Trinity: Trinity being a small school gives students the chance to form relationships with professors that help us academically and ultimately with our futures. I feel very lucky to have found many mentors among my professors.
Your Professional Goals/Career Plans: I plan to get my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and become a clinician in the mental health field.
Full Name: Kristina Miele
Hometown: Reading, MA
High School Attended: Reading Memorial High School
Major/Minor: Major in Mathematics, Minor in Models & Data
Why You Chose Trinity: I fell in love with the beautiful campus, and really liked the small class structure and liberal arts well-rounded education structure.
Favorite Class: Abstraction & Argument
Favorite Professor: Professor Mauro
Extracurricular Activities: Student Body President – Student Government Association
Co-founder, former President, Current Philanthropy Chair – The Stella Society
Assistant Coordinator & Mentor – Jones Zimmerman Academic Mentoring Program (J-Z AMP)
Peer Math Tutor – Aetna Quantitative Center
S.A.I.L office Assistant
Carillonist – Trinity College Chapel
Teaching Assistant – Math Department
Treasurer – Trinity College Grilling Society
Trinity Fall/Spring Dance Concert participant
What You Love Most About Trinity: What I love about Trinity changes every day. When I have a tough paper to write or a test to study for, I love the close relationships I’ve built with my professors. I can go and brainstorm with them to better understand my topic. When it’s time for the weekend I love all my friends that I’ve made and all there is to do in the city of Hartford. Hartford has amazingly rich and diverse cultures and we have so many great places we like to go to. When it is finally fall there’s nowhere more beautiful than our campus. I love walking on the long walk on a cool fall day. the trees have turned color and are so bright against the beautiful architecture we have.
Your Professional Goals/Career Plans: I plan to work in the Business Development/ Analytical side of the Fashion Industry
Full Name: Duuluu Naranbat
Hometown: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
High School Attended: New Era Laboratory School
Major/Minor: Biochemistry/Environmental Science
Why You Chose Trinity: Trinity College is very well known around the world for their generous financial aid packages, so choosing Trinity was important for me as it endorsed a lot of my education. The true liberal art education and the amazing alumni connection were of course another reason as well.
Favorite Class: Environmental Law
Favorite Professor: It’s honestly too difficult to compare them when they’re all great!
Extracurricular Activities: Trinity Men’s Crew team, International House, and French Club
What You Love Most About Trinity: Because of our small sized campus, the students at Trinity College get abundance number of opportunity to succeed and develop personally. Having the flexibility to do a lot of different activities on campus made me become a better leader with a number of different skills. I always say, if there is something that’s not offered here at Trinity or something that you would like to change on campus then there is always the freedom for you to make it happen with a considerable number of resources and support there to help you.
Your Professional Goals/Career Plans: My long-term goal is to deepen my knowledge in biotechnology and develop new technology to assimilate the mining Industry in Mongolia. Eventually, I would also like to work on a lot of sustainable humanitarian and social project to improve the lives of Mongolian people.
Full Name: Meghan O’Reilly
Hometown: Groton, MA
High School Attended: Groton-Dunstable Regional High School
Major/Minor: English-Creative Writing and Psychology major, Arabic minor
Favorite Class: Islam in America
Extracurricular Activities: Cleo of Alpha Chi Literary Society, sports writer for The Tripod, Trinity at Kennelly, Social Media Associate
What You Love Most About Trinity: The location in Hartford, which means a lot of internship opportunities, restaurant varieties, and so many cultures within walking distance.
Your Professional Goals/Career Plans: Hopefully some time to do with media and sports communication!
Full Name: Joseph Orosco
Hometown: Pomona, CA
High School Attended: Pomona High School
Major/Minor: Urban Studies and Engineering
Why You Chose Trinity:
1. Financial Aid
2. It allowed me the opportunity to explore more of the country and travel places I would possibly never go to if I attended school in California.
3. Small Liberal Arts school with an engineering program
4. Has an Urban Studies major
5. An ideal location between New York and Boston
Favorite Class: Experimental Design and Methods
Favorite Professor: Garth Myers
Extracurricular Activities: Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, and the Outdoors Club
What You Love Most About Trinity: I love that the student population is so small because it allows me to meet a lot of my peers, have more time with getting to know the professors, and the faculty that run the school.
Your Professional Goals/Career Plans: My long term goal is to create sustainable homes
Full Name: Joe Ruggiero
Hometown: Manchester, CT
High School Attended: Manchester High School
Major/Minor: Environmental Science/History
Why You Chose Trinity: I chose Trinity for its academic excellence and its unique social atmosphere. I was also influenced by the athletic conference (NESCAC) which allows me to compete against the best division III athletes without sacrificing the opportunity to pursue other extracurricular activities outside of varsity athletics.
Favorite Class: A Sense of Place in the Native Northeast
Favorite Professor: Professor Gourley
Extracurricular Activities: Cross Country, Track & Field, Project PACKS Co-Coordinator, Cross Country SAAC Representative, IGC Representative for Cleo of AX, First-year Mentor
What You Love Most About Trinity: The liberal arts community allows me to meet and interact with a very diverse group of students that all positively contribute to the school in extraordinarily different ways. The opportunity to collaborate within the classroom opens the doors to conversations and ideas that I would never have been exposed to elsewhere.
Your Professional Goals/Career Plans: I would like to become an environmental lawyer.
Full Name: Caroline Sullivan
Hometown: South Hadley, MA
High School Attended: Northfield Mount Hermon
Major/Minor: Urban Studies, Writing Rhetoric & Media Art Studies
Why You Chose Trinity: I chose Trinity because I wanted to have a holistic college experience. I desired to attend an institution located in an urban environment that has equal part emphasis on academic rigor and community engagement. After my campus visit, I knew that Trinity was a place for me to thrive and pursue my various academic and extracurricular interests along with my peers.
Favorite Class: Writing for a digital world
Favorite Professor: Dr. Marino
Extracurricular Activities: Cross Country/ Track & Field, Vice President of Greek Life Organization Kappa Kappa Gamma, Volunteer at the TC-4 Daycare, First Year Mentor
What You Love Most About Trinity: Campus involvement! I am always amazed by how much Trinity students take advantage of on and off campus. A typical day for most students is quite busy and I love the organized chaos that each day brings. I feed off of the energetic buzz of campus life and how much students pack into their schedules.
Your Professional Goals/Career Plans: Pursue sustainable urban development work in a local city.
Full Name: Sarah Vazquez
Hometown: Queens, NY
High School Attended: The Beacon School
Major/Minor: Theater and Dance
Why You Chose Trinity: The small, tight knit community at Trinity appealed to me because it seemed like a place where I would be able to thrive both socially and academically. Knowing that there was a strong Latino presence on campus due to the variety of cultural organizations in addition to being in a culturally rich place like Hartford made me feel at home. The transition into college can be a scary one and Trinity’s community helped ease that anxiety.
Favorite Class: Post-War American Theater
Favorite Professor: I have three! Barbara Karger, Michael Preston, and James Trostle
Extracurricular Activities: The Trinity College Quirks and La Voz Latina. I’m also a barista at the Underground Coffeehouse!
What You Love Most About Trinity: I love the community you can build within the activities you do and groups you become apart of. The faculty you build relationships with genuinely want you to succeed, thrive and reach your full potential.
Your Professional Goals/Career Plans: I want to do community engagement and social work. I intend to get my masters in social work post-graduation. However, I ultimately hope to open up a theater company for low income youth in my hometown of NYC.
Full Name: Michael Zarra
Hometown: Cheshire, CT
High School Attended: Cheshire High School
Major/Minor: Neuroscience
Why You Chose Trinity: The freedom of a liberal arts education that wasn’t solely focused on what you learn, but the process of how you learn.
Favorite Class: Minds and Brains
Favorite Professor: Alison Draper & Dan Lloyd
Extracurricular Activities: Nu Rho Psi, HPAP, Neuroscience Club, Track and Field, Musical Theater, SGA, and Volunteering
What You Love Most About Trinity: I love that Trinity is an institution that engages with the outside world. The Trinity community is both supportive and proactive in helping students to achieve their dreams.
Your Professional Goals/Career Plans: I am an aspiring physician-scientist interested in Pediatric Neurology and Psychopathology. Passionate about conducting patient-centric translational research to employ a bench-to-bedside approach to medicine. Curious about the convergence of artificial intelligence and precision medicine within the existing healthcare system. Eager for new opportunities to learn and give back to the invaluable communities around me.