Lukman Arsalan

Director of Global Enrollment and Student Success
Territory: All other international territories
Fun Facts: Lukman scuba dove with four whale sharks at the Georgia Aquarium, which is the largest aquarium in the world, and his immediate family lives in four different countries making family reunions always fun, but requiring lots of planning.

Anthony T. Berry

Director of Admissions and Special Assistant to the Vice President for Strategic Initiatives​
Territory: North Carolina and South Carolina
Fun Facts: Anthony’s favorite food is everything from the South—except liver pudding—and his first concert was The Fugees.

Maddy Dickey

Admissions Counselor
Territory: Kansas, Massachusetts (South Shore), Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey (Northern), New York (Bronx, Staten Island, Western, and Upstate), and Tennessee (Nashville and Memphis)
Fun Facts: Maddy studied West African dance in Senegal and has a twin brother.

Jonathan Gowin

Jonathan Gowin

Admissions Counselor
Territory: Maryland, New York (Westchester County), Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and West Virginia
Fun Facts: Jonathan’s favorite hobby (and side hustle) is blacksmithing and metalworking, and he was a foil fencer during his undergraduate years.

Lillian M. Hinkle

Assistant Director of Admissions
Territory: Connecticut (Tolland, Middlesex, New London, and Windham Counties), Florida, New Mexico, New York (Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island), and Rhode Island
Fun Facts: Lily has been skydiving and she studied abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Jason Klem

Jason Klem

Assistant Director of Admissions
Territory: Connecticut (Litchfield County), Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts (Western and Central), Michigan, Minnesota,  North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin
Fun Facts: Jason is a lover of cinema and stays current with new releases. He also enjoys running, biking, and hiking in his free time.

Winifred Maloney

Admissions Counselor
Territory: Alaska, Connecticut (New Haven County), Delaware, Idaho, Maine, Montana, New Jersey (Southern), Oregon, Vermont, and Washington
Fun Facts: Winnie enjoys bookbinding in her spare time and her favorite movie is The Princess Bride.

Deirdre Milewski

Graduate and Adult Admissions Coordinator
Fun Facts: Deirdre is a CT transplant from the Boston Area and has been in CT for 20 years. Her entire family are Red Sox fans and hope to see her son hit a dinger in Fenway someday!


Julia Naclerio ’08

Senior Associate Director of Admissions
Territory: Illinois
Fun Facts: Julia takes pottery classes and likes to visit local independent coffee shops while she’s on the road.

Adrienne Oddi

Adrienne Oddi

Dean of Admissions
Fun Facts: A lifelong, endurance athlete, Adrienne loves to swim and cycle. She also enjoys a good read and is open to recommendations!

Emily Petersell

Associate Director of Admissions
Territory: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Utah
Fun Facts: Emily (also known by her nickname “Pete”) loves pizza and hiking, and over her lifetime she has trained in more than 10 different styles of dance.


Courtney Roach ’16

Senior Assistant Director of Admissions
Territory: New Hampshire, New York (Manhattan), and Texas
Fun Facts: Courtney is a classically trained pianist and flautist and her favorite show is The Office.

Sebastian Skarba

Sebastian Skarba

Assistant Director of Admissions
Territory: Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut (Fairfield County), Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Wyoming.
Fun Facts: Sebastian ballroom danced competitively for seven years, is bilingual – Polish and English, and is an avid alto saxophone player.

Kyle Smith ’05

Senior Associate Director of  Admissions
Territory: Connecticut (Hartford County) and Massachusetts (Greater Boston)
Fun Facts: Kyle married his college sweetheart from Trinity and has a knack for cooking.


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