Who We Are

Admissions’ Multicultural Recruitment Team (MRT) works to support students from diverse backgrounds through the admissions process. MRT works closely with prospective students, families, college and school counselors, as well as community based organizations to develop and cultivate lasting relationships.

MRT is also comprised of high achieving Trinity students with diverse backgrounds who share a passion to provide unique experiences for low-income, first-generation, international, and students-of-color during their college search. Through a focus on personalization and long-term planning, the intern team assists the Admissions Office by organizing two annual fly-in programs while maintaining close interactions with prospective students year-round through panels, campus tours, and one-on-one conversations.

Fly-in Programs

The Multicultural Recruitment Teams hosts two annual fly-in programs for prospective and admitted students. These overnight programs are designed to give participants the opportunity to explore both the academic and social aspects of the Trinity community. Focusing on the first-generation, international, and student-of-color experience, visiting students will observe classes, meet with faculty and students, attend campus events, and engage with members of the Admissions Office. Click here to learn more about out fall fly-in program: Preview Weekend!

Connect with Us!

Virtual Student Panel for prospective students: April 10, 17, and 24 at 5:00 p.m. EST

Meet the staff

Courtney Roach
Courtney Roach

Lilian Hinkle
Lilian Hinkle

Sebastian Skarba
Sebastian Skarba

Meet the Interns

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Raymond Alvarez-Adorno '23
Raymond Alvarez-Adorno ’23
Newark, NJ
Anthropology & Poltical Science (intended)

Heyssis Castillo
Heyssis Castillo ’22
Boston, MA

Masho Jmukhadze '22
Masho Jmukhadze ’22
Tbilisi, Georgia
International Studies & Economics

Shahnila Malik
Shahnila Malik ’20
Montreal, Quebec
Biomedical engineering

Adam Minahan
Adam Minahan ’23
Keene, NH
Biomedical Engineering & Mathematics

Giana Moreno
Giana Moreno ’20
Berwyn, IL
International Studies & Anthropology

Steven Ramsden
Steven Ramsden ’23
Boston, MA
Urban Studies (intended)

Neve Rivera
Neve Rivera ’20
Chicago, IL
International Studies & Educational Studies

Jerry Rodriguez
Jerry Rodriguez ’20
Dorchester, MA
Political Science & Human Rights

Jess Semblante
Jess Semblante ’21
Grants Pass, OR
Educational Studies

Tiana Sharpe
Tiana Sharpe ’23
Chicago Heights, IL
Human Rights & Hispanic Studies

Muhammad Zeb
Muhammad Zeb
Corpus Christi, TX
Economics & Political Science