The Multicultural Affairs Council (MAC) was started by students who wanted to promote communication and cohesion between cultural organization on campus. MAC has grown and evolved to be an organization with representation in Student Government Association and an organization that embodies the spirit of the organizations involved.

Kristina M. Kendall MAC Chief of Staff

Learn more about the organizations below by visiting their social media accounts or webpage on Bantamlink.

Asian American Student Association (AASA)

AASA promotes education, awareness, and appreciation for Asian and Asian American cultures as an attempt to understand issues concerning the Asian/Asian American identity and experience, and its place in both American and global societies. Every year AASA hosts a dinner to celebrate Diwali, which includes performances from different student groups and a presentation of Diwali.


Caribbean Students’ Association (CSA)

CSA promotes and celebrates Caribbean culture while providing an environment in which all students can experience an exchange of culture and create dialogue about what it means to be Caribbean in the United States. Events, such as the annual Caribbean Fashion Show help to bridge the social gap between Trinity and its neighboring communities and spread the unity of the Caribbean to Trinity’s campus.


Imani, Trinity College Black Student Union

Focused on the advancement of Black awareness, Imani is concerned with educating the Trinity community by raising issues in black arts, history, politics, and culture. Imani seeks to work collectively with student, faculty, and community resources to foster a welcoming environment and increase representation for its students of color. Imani also seeks to promote coalescence among the Trinity and Hartford communities. A staple of the club is the Annual Blackout Semi-Formal.


Muslim Students Association (MSA)

MSA holds campus-wide events with well-known Islamic speakers and co-hosts events with the Chapel and other religious life organizations. MSA holds weekly Jummah prayers, tours Halal restaurants in Hartford and celebrates Eid. They encourage all students, regardless of personal beliefs, to attend and participate in their events.


Trinity College Black Women’s Organization (TCBWO)

TCBWO addresses the issues and needs of black women at Trinity College through the hosting of programs to heighten social and cultural awareness. TCBWO’s goal is to educate, unite, and empower women of color not only on campus but in the greater community. TCBWO host an annual conversation about sexual health and intimacy over cookies called Sex, Milk, and Cookies.


Athletes Of Color Coalition (ACC)

The ACC aims to build a safe, more diverse environment that will enhance the athletic experience of student-athletes of color within their respective sports and the greater campus community. The ACC’s programming and services intend to implement a system that establishes a social network amongst athletes of color, promotes solidarity, and encourages discourse.


Latino America Unida Lambda Alpha Upsilon Fraternity, Inc. (LAU)

LAU strives to be a network of professionals that promotes brotherhood, scholarship, and service to the community. The fraternity provides its members with personal and professional support at an undergraduate and alumni level. The brotherhood participates in community service events, promotes cultural awareness, and enriches the collegiate environment, especially during LAW Week, LAU’s annual series of events.


Lambda Pi Upsilon Sorority, Latinas Poderosas Unidas, Inc. (LPIU)

LPIU seeks to show their commitment and desire to help educate others through programs and social events that address issues involving their community, youth, and womanhood. LPIU’s essence is based on education, commitment, and aspirations that reflect the beliefs of the Founding Mothers and that accentuate the strong leadership qualities their members possess.



The Mill is a diverse group of creative students committed to enhancing the social climate at Trinity College. As a group representing the myriad of social niches on campus, they actively seek new opportunities to promote themes of creativity, innovation, and passion. Their goal is to unify a vibrant and eclectic student body and to improve social culture by fostering the student arts. The Mill does this every year through events such as their Spring Weekend Concert.


Temple Of Hip Hop

Temple of Hip Hop’s mission is to bring the international, national, and local hip hop movement, in all of its elements, to the Trinity College community and the surrounding Hartford area. Every year they organize an International Hip Hop Festival on Trinity College’s campus that brings hip hop artists from all disciplines, community partners, activists, vendors, and educators from around the world to the community for free.


La Voz Latina (LVL)

LVL’s main goal is to cater to the Latino community on campus while increasing awareness of Latino American culture, politics, and social issues in the Trinity community. The organization is open to people of all ethnicities and has a commitment to the Hispanic community of Hartford. One of the best ways LVL shares and teaches about Latinx culture is through Salsarengue, an annual Salsa and Merengue-focused ball.


Encouraging Respect of Sexualities (EROS)

EROS is a student run organization whose mission is to serve as a space for LGBTQ+ community members and allies to discuss queer centered issues and the ways various identities interact with queerness. EROS runs queer-centered programming to educate and raise queer visibility on campus and beyond including an annual Drag Show.


Trinity African Student Association (TASA)

TASA, formerly known as African Development Coalition, is a student organization that seeks to raise social and cultural awareness of contemporary African culture on Trinity’s campus and beyond. An annual fashion show is one of the ways TASA teaches the community about unique African cultures.


The Trinity Recreational and Environmental Education House (TREEHouse)

TREEHouse works to foster environmental stewardship through its commitment to energy conservation and utilization of renewable energy resources. They focus on environmentally and socially responsible purchasing and aim to engage students in events and workshops regarding environmental concerns. TREEhouse seeks to educate the campus community and encourage discussion to help Trinity College become more environmentally conscious.


Men of Color Alliance (MOCA)

MOCA is focused on unifying all men of color on campus, increasing awareness among the Trinity community on issues that men of color face, and fostering support among MOCA and the wider the campus community. They hold several key events such as an annual talent show, which help create this unification and brings a variety of people together.



Hillel offers many points of entry into Jewish life for Trinity students. Their goal is to bring young Jewish people together and create a sense of community. They do so through shared experiences of Shabbat and celebrations of various holidays in the Jewish calendar. Hillel also promotes positive identification with Judaism through exposure to Jewish culture, history, and the arts.


South Asian Student Association

SASA works to create a safe space for South Asian Students while also educating themselves and others about South Asian culture and history. As a new organization established during the 2020-2021 academic year, SASA has already spearheaded a panel aimed at addressing colorism and division in South Asian communities and has launched a mentorship program for Trinity College underclassmen.