The Campus Climate Incident Response Team is a group of Trinity community members that represent each of the constituencies on campus.


Comprising of students, faculty members, administrators, and exempt and non-exempt staff members, the campus climate incident response team seeks to promote inclusion and equity through its focus on the Trinity community’s responses to incidents that are harmful to the campus climate and therefore merit the attention of the campus climate incident response team This team neither investigates nor adjudicates alleged violations of college policy. The team will meet regularly to:

  1. anticipate community needs and concerns;
  2. devise strategies of response to incidents of intolerance;
  3. develop networks of relationships across campus;
  4. collaborate with campus partners while responding to incidents;
  5. serve as a campus educational resource to aspire to prevent campus incidents;
  6. advise college personnel and offices regarding their responses to incidents;
  7. collect, record, and report campus incidents and provide an annual report to the campus community each fall semester; and
  8. evaluate responses to improve college practices and shared life in community with a focus on a restorative purpose.

If you have suggestions or ideas on how to promote inclusion and equity or how to develop networks of relationship across campus, you are welcome to contact any of the committee members​. If there is an incident or issue that you would to discuss with our team, please contact the chair. ​ If you wish to report an incident that you believe is harmful to the campus climate and therefore merits the attention of the climate incident response team, please complete the incident reporting form or you may contact the College at [email protected]​ Additional ways to make a report are listed below.

​The Response Team will conduct its work in accordance with the college’s non-discrimination policy.