International Student Information

Welcome!!  Below please find some valuable information and explanations to the Health Center requirements.

1) Tuberculosis Testing-  If your country of citizenship/home country is considered by the World Health Organization to have a "high incidence" of TB,  you must be screened through the Health Center on campus.  If you screening is positive, we require a chest-xray to insure you don't have active contagious disease.   You must fulfill this screening WITHIN THREE WEEKS OF THE FIRST DAY OF CLASSES, or you may be removed from your class enrollment.  Please schedule a TB screening appointment with us at your earliest convenience.  You can do this from your portal, or call 860.297.2018.

2) Health Insurance - All students must have active health insurance coverage while they are a student at Trinity.   As an international student you are eligible for international health student insurance coverage [ISHIP].  F1/J1 VISA students will be enrolled and billed the premium on your student account.  You may cancel this coverage by completing a hard-waiver if you have another policy that is comparable in coverage and benefits.  Please contact Lynn Stanley [] to submit your coverage for eligibility to waive.

3) Immunizations -  The State of Connecticut requires students enrolled at institutions of higher education be vaccinated against Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Varicella, and Meningitis.  Please click here to read the law or click here for a source to translate your home vaccines​ and learn what else you may need.  If you cannot get these vaccines in your home country please email and we will order you a dose to receive once you arrive.  Your checklist will remain pending until we give it to you.

4) Health Portal - Please initiate your health portal and use the MESSAGE feature to send us secure/encrypted notes.  Instructions can be found here​.