Are you interested in studying away Spring 2025? Start explore your options now.

Now is the time to start exploring options and planning for your semester away. It is highly recommended that students submit their application/request forms before returning to Hartford for the Fall 2024 semester.

To get the process started please go to the following links:

  1. Visit the Semester Study Away Process website to review eligibility and the three-step process.
  2. Browse Semester Study Away Programs.
  3. Visit the how to select a study away program
  4. Schedule a Study Away Advising Appointment.



  • APRIL 1st Program Petitions Deadline (firm deadline)
  • SEPTEMBER 15th
    • External Program Request to Study Away due to the OSA (firm deadline)
    • Trinity in Cape Town Application Deadline
    • Trinity Rome Campus Application Deadline
    • Trinity in Vienna Application Deadline

*IMPORTANT: The following programs are very competitive and fill quickly. Students interested in these programs must submit an application by August 1st, 2024.

Financial Aid & Study Away:


It is recommended that students have a valid passport in hand by the time they submit their program application or no later than 3 months prior to the start of their program. If you do not currently have a passport or it expires before Summer 2025, you should start the application and/or renewal process during Summer 2024 (this can take several months). US citizens CLICK HERE to learn more.

Bring your passport to campus in the fall as you will need it for post-acceptance and visa application processes.

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