You do NOT need to have an answer to all these questions. They are designed to help you start thinking about your study away options from a variety of perspectives. After reviewing these questions spend some time thinking about the experience you want to have while studying away. Having a general idea of what you want to experience while away may help you navigate program options and select the best program for you. 


  • What term(s) are best for me to be away from Trinity?
  • What amount of time am I comfortable being away from home & Trinity?


  • Do I need to complete certain academic requirements while away?  
  • Are there any academic interests I want to explore while away that I haven’t at Trinity? 
  • Do I want to take courses at a foreign university where the learning style will be different than in the US? 
  • Do I want to take courses at a center designed for US study abroad students where the learning style is similar to a US college? 
  • Do courses need to be taught in English? 
  • Do I want/am I able to take courses in a foreign language? 
  • Do I need access to academic accommodations? 


  • Do I want to be with local students or US based study abroad students or a combination? 
  • How many students do I want on the program? Small (<100), medium (several hundred), large (over thousand) or extra-large (over 10,000)? 
  • Do I want to be with friends/Trinity students? Or on my own and meet new people? 


  • What are my personal goals/reasons for studying away? Cultural immersion, gain independence, enriching academic environment, personal travel, etc. 
  • Are there extracurricular activities I want to explore while abroad (athletics, internships, volunteering, etc.)? 
  • Are there skills I hope to gain that will benefit my future academics and career?


  • Do I want to be in a large or small city?  
  • How comfortable will I be in a country where the language is not my first language? 
  • Is the country or regions’ culture and laws going to impact by ability to safely and comfortably study there? (Ex: regions not friendly to the LGBTQ+ community) 
  • Is the location of personal interest to me? 
  • Is there a region of the world that will strengthen my academic & professional goals?
  • Is the proximity and access to other cities/countries an important factor to me? 


  • Do I need/want an extensive support system while away? Or do I want freedom and independence? 
  • How much do I want to push myself while away? Personally, academically, emotionally, etc. 
  • Am I mentally/emotionally prepared for a semester that will challenge me in a variety of ways? 
  • Does the cost of living in the location impact my ability to study there?

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