The Shirley G. Wassong Memorial Lecture in European and American Art, Culture, and History was established in 1996 in loving memory of Mrs. Wassong with the support of friends, family and her husband, Joseph Wassong'59. Since 2010, the Trinity Institute for Interdisciplinary ​Studies has been honored to organize this annual lecture.

2021 Wassong Annual Lecture

Monday April 5, 2021
7pm, Wassong Annual Lecture (rescheduled from spring 2020)
Maurice Wade, “Lloyd Algernon Best: Decoloniality and the Epistemic Importance of Place.”
Maurice Wade is Professor of Philosophy at Trinity College. Prof. Wade is co-editor of The Moral Dimensions of Public Policy Choice, as well as the author of numerous articles on race, sports, and animal liberation.
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2019 Wassong Lecture

Monday, April 29, 2019 – 7:00pm, McCook Auditorium
Speaker: Lev Manovich, Professor at The Graduate School at CUNY
“Volume, Variety, Velocity: The Data Challenges of Contemporary Culture”

Lev Manovich addressed the challenges of observing digital culture that have become too big and complex for traditional humanities methods. In his lecture, Manovich discussed an unprecedented access to human culture, arguing that contemporary digital culture has the same characteristics originally used to define big data—volume, variety, and velocity.