We support transportation alternatives such as carpooling and using public transportation rather than using personal vehicles​ in order to promote a more sustainable college community.

Public Transportation

  • To plan your trip and see the bus schedules visit the CT Transit website. Trinity College is serviced by the 61 Broad Street bus route and 37-39-41 New Britain bus routes.
  • Trinity College’s Liberal Arts Action Lab created a map that displays real-time bus data, so you’ll never miss the bus.
  • A regular adult fare is priced at $1.75, you must bring exact change.

Trinity College Bantam Bus Pass

  • bus pass

    Trinity students may contact Joseph.barber@trincoll.edu or visit the Office of Community Service and Civic Engagement located in the basement of Mather Hall to request a Bantam Bus Pass for unlimited free rides on CT Transit, our bus system.

  • This pass is made available to students through a collaboration between the Office of Community Service and Civic Engagement and Trinity College’s Student Government Association (SGA).


  • Wheeli
    • Carpooling app for college students. Can be download from your smartphone’s app store.


  • Bring your bike to campus. Many students get around in their personal bikes and scooters.


  • Zipcar gives students an easy way to get around without bringing a personal car to school, helping to create a sustainable transportation network on campus. Fewer personal cars on campus reduces traffic, congestion and CO2 emissions and frees up valuable space on campus that could otherwise be used for classroom buildings, science labs, and athletic fields.
  • Zipcars are located by the Campus Safety parking lot and in the parking lot behind the Austin Arts Center. All Zipcars arrive new and outfitted with our wireless technology, which allows members access into the vehicles. They’ll also arrive branded, with a Zipcar co-pilot, and outfitted with toll passes and snow shovels, where needed. Cars in our fleet are fuel-efficient, fun, and easy to drive.

Off-Campus Shuttle

The Trinity shuttle provides free transportation from Mather Circle to Westfarms Mall, Whole Foods, and other local businesses. The schedule is available at the Welcome Desk in Mather Hall.

Electric Vehicle charging stations

Located in the Crescent Street north parking lot. The EV charging stations were installed in 2015 with a potential to expand to other areas of the campus.