Our committee was established to advise college leadership on sustainability, set a strategic vision for sustainability, and create a sustainability action plan to act as a roadmap for the college community. The committee meets regularly, and its members consist of students, faculty, and staff.


Christoph Geiss
Professor of Physics and Environmental Science
Email: Christoph Geiss
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Dan Hitchell
Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer
Email: Dan Hitchell

Thomas M. Wickman
Associate Professor of History and American Studies
Email: Thomas M. Wickman
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Joe Barber
Director, Community Service and Civic Engagement
Email: Joe Barber

Kim Eckart
Special Projects Manager and Analyst
Email: Kim Eckart

Kristen Eshleman
Vice President, Library and Information Technology Services
Email: Kristen Eshleman

Megan Fitzsimmons
Director of Events and Campus Operations
Email: Megan Fitzsimmons

Tom Fusciello
Assistant Vice President, Construction, Facilities and Operations
Email: Tom Fusciello

Amy Harrell
Librarian, Educational Technology
Email: Amy Harrell

Rosangelica Rodriguez
Sustainability Coordinator
Email: Rosangelica Rodriguez

Katelyn Rice
Director, Marketing
Email: Katelyn Rice

Flfl Ahmed ’25
Student Representative

Corinne Bolding ’24
Student Representative

Grace Sullivan ’25
Student Representative