The First-Year Hebrew Award in Hebrew Grammar is given to encourage the study of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible among college students. It is awarded to the student in first-year Hebrew who demonstrates the best understanding of the Hebrew language as a tool for the scholarly study of the Bible.

The John Andrew Gettier Prize in Hebrew Bible, established by Robert Benjamin, Jr., of the Class of 1971, is awarded to that undergraduate, preferably a senior, who demonstrates significant academic and personal growth as a student of the Hebrew Bible.

The Abraham Joshua Heschel Prize is awarded to a graduating senior in recognition of outstanding achievement in the study of religion.

The Theodor M. Mauch Memorial Prizes are awarded (1) to the junior who has submitted the best application for research funds for the senior thesis, and (2) to the senior who has written the best Religious Studies thesis, as judged by an outside panel.  These prizes are the gift of Thomas M. Chappell, 1966, Hon. ’06, P ’89, ’92, ’97, ’06, of Kennebunk, Maine, in memory of Theodor M. Mauch, Professor of Religion and Ellsworth Morton Tracy Lecturer Emeritus, a member of the Religion Department from 1957 to 1987, who taught and inspired Mr. Chappell.