At Trinity, internships represent an important opportunity to students, offering abundant opportunities for personal growth and career testing. More than half of all students at the College choose to pursue an internship during the course of their undergraduate years. You have many options for gaining hands-on, real-life exposure to institutions and organizations, both religious and secular, which define religion in all its aspects for the state and its citizens. The College’s internship program lists hundreds of established positions with regulatory, civic, nonprofit and special-interest groups, where you can become both observer and player in the life of our society. There are central offices of denominations doing research and studies. On the secular side, there are charities, support groups, the Red Cross, consumer groups ­ each presenting the student with a chance to see firsthand how Religion affects and is affected by different structures in our society.

Study Away

As Religion majors, you may choose to include as part of your program off-campus study in areas and subjects related to your own special interest. There is no substitute for real-world experience in the study of the religions of the world and their role in our daily lives. An appropriate and enriching foreign study program may be designed with the help of your faculty adviser and the Office of Study Away. Trinity has its own campus in Rome and consortial study program in Spain, as well as established informal relationships with a number of other American colleges and universities offering accredited programs in over 20 locations, including Argentina, China, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, India, Israel, Japan, Nepal, and Russia.

One foreign study opportunity that may be of particular interest to a Religion major is Trinity’s participation in the summer excavations at Caesarea Maritima in Israel, providing a unique glimpse into the past in the cradle of many of the world’s great religions.