“Cosmologies in Conflict: Making Sense of the Sexual Taboos in Leviticus 17-20”
“The Akedah: Its Religious Interpretations Through Literature and Art”
“New Religious Movements in the United States: A Look at Pop Kabbalah”
“An Analysis of the Associations Between the Infancy Narratives of the New Testament and the Hebrew Bible”
“Children of Intermarriage and Jewish Identity”
“Jesus as a Lynchpin for Religious Reconciliation: American Reform Judaism’s First Encounter with Jesus”
“Who were the Minim: Religious Identity in the 2nd Temple Period”
“An Unspoken Haven: The Turkish Harboring of Jews During the Holocaust”
“The Guide for the Perplexed: An Investigation of the Esoteric Nature of Maimonides’ Work”
“The Status Quo in Israel: A History and Analysis of a Covenant in Crisis”
“Translating the Lord’s Imperative: The Shema in Deuteronomy and Mark”
“The Evolution of God: Developments in the Divine Image from the Sources of Genesis to Second Isaiah”
“The Evolution of American Jewish Reform Prayer Books”
“Lessons from Applying Just War Principles to the Six Day War”
“Ezekiel’s Phenomenology”
“The Brother-Sister Trick: Genesis 12, 20, 26”
“The Pietistic Way of the Jewish Sufi: An Exploration of the Mystical Dialogue of the Middle Ages”
“The Creation of Modern Racial Anti-Semitism: A Result of Jewish Conversion to Christianity in Medieval Iberia”
“Genealogy vs. Analogy: What’s at Stake When Comparing Ancient Egyptian Literature with Early Israelite Religion?”

“Christ in the Arts: The Effect of Early Christian Art on Conversion in Rome During the 3rd and 4th Centuries of the Common Era”
“Secular and Christian Morality”
“The Search for Social Justice: The Economic Theology of Michael Novak and Gustavo Gutierrez”
“Contemporary Christian? The Theology of John Hick”
“Entering the Fold: Drawing Slaves Away From and Toward Christianity”
“Stages of Death: Examining Death Rituals of Greek Orthodoxy and the Grieving Process”
“The Construction of Mary and Eve Examined by Contemporary Feminists”
“Race and Grace in Flannery O’Connor”
“On the Meaning of Christian Martyrdom in Late Antiquity”
“Apocalyptic Imagery in ‘The Fifth Element’”
“Picking up the Pieces: Hauerwas and the Endeavor to Reestablish Christian Community ‘After Christianity’”
“The Development of a Political Consciousness through Liberation Theology and Culture”
“Religious Pluralism: The Problematics of its Theological Basis and Political Application”
“A Survey of Political and Secular Influences on American Protestant Hymnody: 1770-1900”
“The Prominence of the Roman Catholic Church as a Result of the Collapse of the Roman Empire”
“Christian Anti-Semitism in the Ottoman Empire: A Case Study of the Damascus Affair of 1840”
“A Study on the Cultural Effects of Christian Missions in Japan and Sri Lanka”
“Evangelical Christians: A Comprehensive Study of the Global Warming Debate”
“Cutting Edges: An Examination of Women’s Ordination in the Episcopal and Catholic Churches”
“Experiencing God: The Core of Liberal Protestant Theology”
“Lieutenant General Romeo Dallaire in Rwanda: A Christian Ethical Analysis”
“The Conflict of Two Buzzwords: An Analysis of Religious Fundamentalism and Globalization in the New Right”
“The Radical Social Ethics of the Kingdom of God: An Examination of the Social Nature of the Gospel Message”
“Mark’s Jesus and the Tradition of Suffering”
“Holy Disturbance: The Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist”
“Can a Company Grounded in Christian Ethics Compete in Today’s Economy”
“Pilgrimage to Czestochowa”
“Requiescat in Pace? Religion’s Role in End of Life Medical Ethics”
“A Comparison of the Peoples’ Temple and the Mormon Church: Defining Qualities of Religion Success”
“The Significance of Marian Imagery in Byzantine Art and Iconography”
“Thomas Hobbes vs. Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Christian Political Theology”
“The Development of Conversion Narratives in the Self-Representation of Religious Identity by American Presidents”
“The Mystery of Suffering: The Philosophy of Dostoevsky’s Characters”
“Racial Tensions in the Pentecostal Church”

“Activism and Quietism: Leadership in Modern Iran”
“Islamic Tolerance”
“Marriage in Iran: A Woman’s Right to Submission”
“American Media and Pop Culture’s Negative Portrayal of Islam and Somali Muslim Immigrants”
“Sufism, Salafism, and the Mahdi Movement of Sudan”

“Buddhist Visions of Gary Snyder”
“Sherpas of Solu-Khumbu Nepal”
“Lights of Hope: Buddhist Nuns as Social Activists in Tibet and Vietnam”
“The Tie that Binds: Buddhism in Tibetan Society”
“Machig Labdron: Woman Founder of the Tibetan Buddhist Cho¨d Meditation”
“An Introduction to Traditional Tibetan Medicine and its Ability to Function as a Complementary System to Contemporary Western Medicine”
“The Role of Large Animals and Their Veterinary Care in Asian Religious Traditions: the Horse, the Yak, and the Elephant”
“Revolutionary Vietnam: A Search for National Identity”
“Modern Myths: A Comprehensive Study of Buddhism in American Movies”
“Buddhism and the Spiritual Self-Schema Program”
“Tibetan Death Rites and the Buddhism Employment of Upaya”
“Madhyamika and Modern Physics: Madhyamika Buddhism as a Tool for Understanding the Universe Described by Modern Physics”
“Medicine Men, Then and Now: Buddhism and Healing in an Unhealthy World”
“Food and the Buddhist Tradition”
“The Skull Teacups: A Study of the History of Tibet in Reference to Current Sino-Tibetan Relations”
“Tibetan Medicine as a Holistic System”
“Transmuting the Soul: Alchemy and Its Impact on Major Religious Traditions”
“Buddhism: An Internal Glance Into a Violent and Nonviolent Religion”
“American Buddhist Ecology”

“Ayurveda: An Ancient Paradigm for Health”
“Ayurveda: The Use of Ayurveda As a Means of Alternative Diagnosis and Treatment”
“Who Art Thou, Mother”? Goddess Kali and her Intimate Relationship with her Devotees”
“Self”: A Comparative Analysis of Transpersonal Psychology and the Sankhya School of Yogic Philosophy”
“The Tri-Marga iin Hindu Religious Traditions, Personified by Sri Ramakrishna and Ramana Maharshi”
“Anna: Its Meanings, Essences, and Experiences Among Hindus”
“Horizontal and Vertical Relationships in the Hindu Wedding”
“Karma-Yoga and Bhakti-Yoga in the Bhagavad Gita: An Exploration of Dharma and Karma, Devotion and Violence”
“Practice! And Stop the Suffering in Yoga and Vedanta”
The Vedic Devaraja: A Reassessment of the Devaraja Cult in Angkor”
“It Takes Two: A Comparison of Non-Violence in Hinduism and Christianity Through the Influence of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.”
“Posture and Breathing Change the Mind”
“The Image, Sacred Space, and Ritual in Hindu Worship”
“Transcendental Meditation: The Ultimate Transformation of TM”
“ A Study of Dharmic Conflict in the Ramayana”

Indigenous Religions
“Exploring Peruvian Shamanism”
“Examining Juan Diego: Mexico’s First Indigenous Saint”
“Hot Pepper on Ripe Mango: Gender Identify Formation in Contemporary Indo-Trinidadian Music”
“The Ambiguous Nature of Ritual: Agent of Social Change or Proponent of Social Stasis?”
“Watching Angels in the Stars: The Rwandan Genocide and the Catholic Church”
“The Black Panther Party: A Religious Analysis”
“Papa Gede Bel Gason; the Faces of Gede in Haitian and Dominican Vodou”
“Modern Paganism and the Implications of Divine Immanence”

Comparative Studies
“A Study of Henry David Thoreau’s Life, Literature and Philosophy”
“Comparative Analysis: Mysticism in Hinduism and Judaism”
“Gandhi and King: The Politics of Nonviolence”
“Tibetan Shamanism and Hawaiian Shamanism in America: A Comparison of History, Belief and Practice”
“Christian Ethics and Buddhist Ethics Looking at Abortion”
“Pilgrimage to Stasis: The Unifying Theory of “Goal” in the Pilgrimages of Pandharpur, Basho, and the Grateful Dead”
“The Religion of Hollywood: Religious Symbolism in American Film”
“’The Apostle,’ or how Hollywood Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Evangelical Fundamentalism”
“Faith and Reason: Early Christian and Buddhist Perspectives”
“The Moral Gap: Buddhist and Christian Morality Wrestles with Abortion”
“Representations of African-American Religiosity in Film: What the Movies are Saying”
“Keeping the Fast: Hunger Striking in Northern Ireland and India”
“Science vs. Religion in the West: An Exploration of Scientific Materials, Mysticism, and the Implications of Quantum Theory”
“Cultural Catastrophes and the Pursuit of Peace: The Wisdom of Elie Wiesel and His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama”